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Hugh Hewitt dissects Kevin Drum, CONSERVATIVE AMNESIA.

Here’s a post by Kevin Drum from his blog this morning that perfectly illustrates the effect of lousy analysis combined with invective combined with the assertion of a conclusion that will harden the left’s position that is untenable with the public, as has been proven by two cycles of elections….

We will see what Kevin has to say at tomorrow’s Bear Flag League Summer Conference, which by the way is SOLD OUT.

Update #1

Welcome Hugh Hewitt Readers and….

Thanks Hugh.

Kevin, see you tomorrow.

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One Response to “Hugh Hewitt Dissects the Politcal Animal”
  1. Frank Croft says:

    Has it occured to anybody (besides me) that any problems with Social Security and Medicare can be solved very easily? Really! The simple solution is to require all congressmen and -women to participate. As they work along their way to retirement they contribute to the Social Security Trust Fund. Oh yes, and the Medicare Fund, too. While they are "working" they buy health insurance from Blue Cross & Blue Shield or some other plan just as you and I do. Of course if they are terminated, they have a COBRA plan to fall back on. When they retire they receive a pension that is all Socials Security based. No double-dipping. They don't continue to keep drawing their congressional pay until they die and then have their spouse collect it until death. Of course, if they decide to retire before age 65 they will receive a reduced Social Security pension. To cut this short, I'll just say, "Put them under the same plan that we are under." I'm sure that all Americans will be amazed at how quickly the whole question will be resolved.

    If I am leaving this comment in the wrong place, please tell me where to put it and I will do so. Be nice!

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