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Flap ran across the Dental Bleg over at XRLQ’s place.

Venomous Kate is one of the last people in the blogosphere to bleg, but if you can spare a few $$$ she could really use some help right now.

We all can use help in our lives.

If Kate lives in California perhaps Flap can help her even more.

Kate contact Flap.


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Go Get’um John!


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Michelle Malkin gives us a sneak peak of her new book: Unhinged Exposing Liberals Gone Wild.

Roman Genn, conservative caricaturist extraordinaire, did the Edward Munch-inspired cover illustration.

Looks like a Winner to Flap.

The book will be released in October.


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The Los Angeles Times falsely portrays The Federalist Society in this piece, High Court Nominee Sides With Restraint.

In the questionnaire, Roberts took issue with media reports that he was affiliated with the Federalist Society, a somewhat secretive group of conservative lawyers who hold debates and other events designed to promote conservative legal views.

Roberts was listed in 1997 as a member of the Washington lawyers steering committee of the Federalist Society. However, Roberts denied being a member of the organization and said he had “no recollection of serving on that committee or being a member of the society.” He did acknowledge taking part in some society events, specifically moderating a panel in 1993 and speaking to a luncheon meeting in October 2003.

What secret society?

Flap was a member when he was attending law school – twice!

The Federalist Society’s website is here.

Click HERE to read statement by Eugene B. Meyer on Judge John G. Roberts. (PDF)

Click HERE to read Frequently Asked Questions about the Federalist Society.

Click HERE to read a partial list of Participants in Federalist Society Events.

Click HERE to read What People are Saying about the Federalist Society.

Nothing secretive nor sinister here.

No Decoder rings.

But, why does the Los Angeles Times portray it as an off-beat or out of the mainstream conservative club?

Bias anyone!

Patterico has One Step Short of Freemasonry.


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