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In other words, Franken claimed on the air he knew nothing of the Gloria Wise “or something” fiasco nine months after he signed a legal agreement that specifically outlined the loans to Gloria Wise and required Air America to pay them back.

Cohen told us: “Al Franken calling me a crook is a little like the pot calling the kettle black.

Part Two of this Investigative Series is over at The Radio Equalizer, THE LIARS CLUB

The settlement agreement:

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Well, what say you Al Franken?

Can you laugh this one off when you get your sorry ass hauled before a Federal Grand Jury?

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One Response to “Air America Scandal: Thomas Montvel Cohen, “Al Franken calling me a crook is a little like the pot calling the kettle black.””
  1. […] So. it is revealed that Al Franken has been complicit in this scandal, is a LIAR about his participation and all of a sudden the poor kids in the Bronx get their money back. […]

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