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News.Telegraph: Government in secret talks about strike against Iran

The Government is to hold secret talks with defence chiefs tomorrow to discuss possible military strikes against Iran.

A high-level meeting will take place in the Ministry of Defence at which senior defence chiefs and government officials will consider the consequences of an attack on Iran.

It is believed that an American-led attack, designed to destroy Iran’s ability to develop a nuclear bomb, is “inevitable” if Teheran’s leaders fail to comply with United Nations demands to freeze their uranium enrichment programme.

Of course, a military operation is INEVITABLE. Iran has stated time and again that it will not stand down their uranium enrichment.

The nature of an operation:

Tactical Tomahawk cruise missiles fired from US navy ships and submarines in the Gulf would, it is believed, target Iran’s air defence systems at the nuclear installations.

That would enable attacks by B2 stealth bombers equipped with eight 4,500lb enhanced BLU-28 satellite-guided bunker-busting bombs, flying from Diego Garcia, the isolated US Navy base in the Indian Ocean, RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire and Whiteman USAF base in Missouri.

Now, Iran WILL retailiate by mining the Persian Gulf, playing the “oil card” and/or firing chemical laced missles at Israel or United States bases in Iraq or Turkey.

The United States can retaliate by a land invasion of Iran or a strategic nuclear attack on Iran’s Army and Revolutionary Guard inflicting millions of military and collateral civilian deaths.

The “Winds of War” are blowing again…….

Stay tuned……


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The Natanz uranium enrichment complex in Natanz is pictured in this January 2, 2006 satellite image.

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Cox & Forkum: Chaos Theory

From AP: Rice: World United Agaisnt Iran In Dispute.

From Insight: U.S. intel: Sanctions won’t stop Iran nukes. (via Regime Change Iran)

From TIME: Today Tehran, Tomorrow the World by Charles Krauthammer.

From National Review: Iran Is at War with Us; Someone should tell the U.S. government by Michael Ledeen. (via TIA Daily)

From Flap:Iran Nuclear Watch: United Nations Security Council Permanent Members Agree on a Statement

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Former General Wesley Clark listens to Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) speak during a Democratic held event at Union Station in Washington, March 29, 2006. Democrats who spoke at the event criticized the Bush administration’s handling of the nation’s security and presented their ideas on resolving the situation.

ASSociated Press: Clark: U.S. Needs New Plan in Terror War

Former Democratic presidential candidate Wesley Clark accused the Bush administration Saturday of taking the nation on a “path to nowhere” with misguided moves on national security.

The retired Army general and NATO military commander argued in the Democrats’ weekly radio address that the United States needs a new plan to win the war on terror after failing to find Sept. 11 terror mastermind Osama bin Laden, fighting an unnecessary war in Iraq and stumbling in halting weapons proliferation in North Korea and Iran.

The ONLY things going NOWHERE are Clark’s Presidential ambitions and the Democrat Party’s new (?) security plan.

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Nicolas Sarkozy (L), France’s Interior Minister and head of the conservative UMP party, walks away from journalists in the courtyard of the Hotel Matignon offices of the Prime Minister in Paris April 1, 2006. Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin called his main rival Sarkozy and the pro-Chirac speakers of both houses of parliament to meet the day after a televised speech by French President Jacques Chirac in which he both backed a disputed youth job law (CPE) and called for rapid amendments to it.

Reuters: French left-wing vows more protests, rejects talks 

French left-wing parties rejected President Jacques Chirac’s call for dialogue on Saturday, reaffirming their plans to march next week against a youth job law they insist the government should withdraw.

Opposition groups, reacting to Chirac’s Friday speech saying he would sign the law but modify it, said they would join unions and students to stage more big protests that have gripped France and put Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin under pressure.

“We have confirmed our unanimous agreement to demand the definitive withdrawal of the CPE (law) and the opening of real negotiations with all unions, students and high school pupils before any new law goes before parliament,” Patrick Farbiaz, a leader of the ecologist Greens party, said after a meeting.

Well, of course, the LEFT SOCIALIST NUTTERS will NOT accept a compromise. They smell blood in the water and want control of the government in this year’s elections.

Former Socialist finance minister Dominique Strauss-Kahn said he had missed the point of the students’ protests.

“They don’t want just a trial period shortened from two to one year. They want their work contract to be the same as other workers’,” he said after the left-wing meeting.

Many older French workers have long-term contracts with strong job protection, which employers say puts them off adding young workers to their staff. Youth unemployment stands at 22 percent in France, far above the 9.6 percent national average.

A free lunch. Flap foresees economic ruin for the French economy and business climate. Oh well, more business for the United States.

Stay tuned…..


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