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Iranian dignitaries watch naval manoeuvres taking place in the Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman April 6, 2006. Iran says the war games in the Gulf, which began on March 31, are a show of defensive strength, but analysts say the timing during a nuclear standoff with the West offers a reminder that Iran could threaten a vital world oil shipping route

ASSociated Press: IAEA Head to Visit Iran to Meet Leaders

Shrugging off U.S. opposition, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency will go to Tehran next week in hopes of securing nuclear concessions from the Iranian leadership, diplomats and officials said Friday.

While the trip was meant to defuse tensions generated by fears Iran could be seeking atomic weapons, a partial success by IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei could exacerbate differences among the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council and derail U.S. hopes of firm action against Tehran.


NOTHING (meaning no sanctions) will be forthcoming out of the IAEA or the United Nations Security Council. Those two organizations will blindly ALLOW Iran to manufacture nuclear weapons by inaction.

William Buckley has a piece in National Review: Iran in Our Future

A quick historical rundown reminds us that in October 2003 Iran confessed to the International Atomic Energy Agency that it had been doing clandestine nuclear experiments, which it promised to suspend. Eight months later Tehran was once again detected in violation. Another three months later, it was again detected delinquent on its promises, and there was dithering for another six months, bringing on, in June 2005, the presidency of the awful Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (think Anodyne Jack), the mullocratic chiliast who looks forward cheerfully to the end of the world of the infidels. Four months after his election, he said that “Israel must be wiped off the map,” a slogan that has been seen adorning nuclear missiles imported from Russia, which has also been the source of Iran’s uranium. Four months later (February 2006), the IAEA turned the whole matter over to the U.N., and Vice President Cheney, gave a speech in which he said, “We will not allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon.”

Stall and obfuscate are the hallmarks of a nuclear-wannabe Iran. IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei is complicit in Iranian nuclear weapon attainment. ElBaredei talks and Iran enriches uranium at Natanz.


Victor Davis Hanson: Has Ahmadinejad Miscalculated?

…the Iranians are engaged in a three-part strategy to obtain nuclear weapons. First, they conduct military exercises, showing off novel weapons systems with purportedly exotic capabilities, while threatening to unleash terror against global commerce and the United States. It may be a pathetic and circus-like exercise born of desperation, but the point of such military antics is to show the West there will be some real costs to taking out Iranian nuclear installations.

Second, Iranians simultaneously send out their Westernized diplomats to the U.N. and the international media to sound sober, judicious, and aggrieved — pleading that a victimized Iran only wants peaceful nuclear energy and has been unfairly demonized by an imperialistic United States. The well-spoken professionals usually lay out all sorts of protocols and talking-points, all of which they will eventually subvert — except the vacuous ones which lead nowhere, but nevertheless appeal to useful Western idiots of the stripe that say “Israel has a bomb, so let’s be fair.”

Third, they talk, talk, talk — with the Europeans, Chinese, Russians, Hugo Chavez, anyone and everyone, and as long as possible — in order to draw out the peace-process and buy time in the manner of the Japanese militarists of the late 1930s, who were still jawing about reconciliation on December 7, 1941, in Washington.

During this tripartite approach, the Iranians take three steps forward, then one back, and end up well on their way to acquiring nuclear weapons. Despite all the passive-aggressive noisemaking, they push insidiously onward with development, then pause when they have gone too far, allow some negotiations, then are right back at it. And we know why: nuclear acquisition for Iran is a win-win proposition.


ElBaradei should just stay home……

And let the United States and Israel clean up the mess.

Stay tuned……


Iran Nuclear Watch: John Bolton – “Bush Administration is Considering Other Diplomatic and Economic Options to Deter Iran”

Iran Nuclear Watch: Iran Successfully Test-Fires a “Top Secret” Missile

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Iran Nuclear Watch: Big 6 Meeting Yields Nothing

Iran Nuclear Watch: National Security Adviser Steven J. Hadley – “Iran’s New Willingness to Discuss Iraq a PLOY”

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Iran Nuclear Watch: Iran Wants IAEA Supervision and Inspections

Iran Nuclear Watch: United Nations Ambassador John Bolton – “Iran’s Nuclear Threat – Just Like 9/11″

Condoleezza Rice Watch: Iran is the “Central Bank of Terrorism”

Iran Nuclear Watch: Ayatollah Ali Khamenei – “Iran’s Nuclear Fuel Program IRREVERSIBLE”

Iran Nuclear Watch: United Nations Security Council Divided Over Response to Iran Nuclear FLAP

Iran Nuclear Watch: Russia – “Iran Still Considering Uranium Enrichment DEAL”

Iran Nuclear Watch: Russia Rebukes Iran Over Withdrawl from Uranium Enrichment Negotiations

Iran Nuclear Watch: Iran Builds a Secret Underground Command Center

Iran Nuclear Watch: Iran Threatens “OIL” Weapon

Iran Nuclear Watch: Israel – “America Needs to Get Its Act Together.”

The Natanz uranium enrichment complex in Natanz is pictured in this January 2, 2006 satellite image.

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A student falls as he tries to stop a car after it ploughed into demonstrators in Paris, April 7, 2006, injuring at least one.

Police hold back protesters gathered around an overturned car after a motorist drove through a crowd of protesting students on Paris’ Left Bank on Friday, April 7, 2006, injuring seven people. Furious demonstrators overturned the car and tried to kick its windows out. France‘s students have been protesting for weeks over a new law that will make it easier for companies to hire and fire people under age 26.

ASSociated Press: Motorist Drives Through Crowd in Paris

A motorist drove through a crowd of students protesting the government’s new youth jobs law Friday near the Sorbonne University, injuring seven people.

Furious demonstrators overturned the car and tried to kick its windows out, while police in riot gear and helmets worked to disperse the crowd.

Protesters turn over a car after the motorist drove through a crowd of protesting students on Paris’ Left Bank on Friday, April 7, 2006, injuring seven people. Furious demonstrators overturned the car and tried to kick its windows out. France’s students have been protesting for weeks.

The incident came after high school students spent the afternoon disrupting traffic outside the Sorbonne by picnicking on a busy boulevard. They were heading away when a frustrated motorist tried to burst through the crowd.

Several dozen youths turned the car over and unsuccessfully attempted to drag the driver out before police and onlookers intervened.

Firefighters said seven people suffered light injuries.

Come on Folks…….running over students because you are frustrated with some protests.

Good Grief……

Stay tuned…….

A protestor kicks a car after the motorist drove through a crowd of protesting students on Paris’ Left Bank on Friday, April 7, 2006, injuring seven people. Furious demonstrators overturned the car and tried to kick its windows out.


France CPE Riot Watch: Villepin Rejects Resignation Speculation

France CPE Riot Watch: Students Protest CPE By Blocking Roads and Trains

France CPE Riot Watch: French Unions Set April 15 Deadline for CPE Repeal

France CPE Riot Watch: Second Straight Day of CPE Protests

France CPE Riot Watch: Latest CPE Protest Turns Violent

France CPE Riot Watch: Another Nationwide Strike Over CPE Hits France

France CPE Riot Watch: Jacques Chirac Signs First Job Contract CPE into Law

France CPE Riot Watch: Lefties Reject Talks and Vow More CPE Protests

France CPE Riot Watch: Jacques Chirac Capitulates on SOME of Job Law

France CPE Riot Watch: Constitutional Council Upholds CPE Jobs Law

France CPE Riot Watch:Fate of CPE Up to Constitutional Council

France CPE Riot Watch: A Million People March to Protest CPE First Job Contract

France CPE Riot Watch: French Police Subdue Riots

France CPE Riot Watch: First Job Contract Protests Grip French Cities

France Riot Watch: Students Riot in Paris over New Youth Employment Contract

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IMAO.US: Iranian Missile Command

A lot of people are getting concerned about the daily announcements of nuclear weapons research, guided missiles, radar-avoiding missiles, flying invisible boats, and super-cavitating torpedoes coming out of the Islamic Republic of Iran these days. Thank goodness that we’ve got the largest and best-equipped military in all the world, right?

Well, maybe not. Iran is letting the Zionist-controlled world know that they won’t be as easy of a pushover as Saddam was in 2003:

“The missile command of the Guards’ naval force … via positioning various types of surface-to-sea missiles, is able, while defending the coastlines and islands, to confront any extra-territorial invasion,” the official Islamic Republic News Agency quoted Safavi as saying.

This begs the question: What does the Iranian Missile Command look like, anyway?

Flap likes Missile Command………

H/T: The Jawa Report

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ASSociated Press: Senate Shelves Immigration Bill 

Like Flap said the first time…….
(Graphic Hat Tip: Bryan Preston)

ASSociated Press: Partisan Bickering Delays Immigration Deal

A Senate breakthrough on an immigration bill praised by leaders in both parties appeared endangered by partisan bickering over amendments from opponents.

Both sides acknowledged that if the Senate is going to pass a bill, it might not occur until Congress returns from a two-week Easter recess.

Republicans appeared united in blocking a final vote on a compromise proposal worked out among immigration leaders in the two parties until Democrats allow votes on amendments by opponents.

A test vote was scheduled Friday on the compromise, as well as a bill by Majority Leader Bill Frist.

The compromise bill is a LOSER and WILL NOT pass a Republican cloture vote. However, it has provided shelter for the GOP from the Senate Judiciary Committee bill which is worse.

And the Democrats……well, they are obstructing again for partisan advantage but will have to vote today on Senator Frist’s bill. This vote will be interesting to watch. Will the Democrats vote against strenghtening border security?


Democrats said the amendments would undermine the immigration compromise that offered hope for American citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants.

“I know the reality, tomorrow we cannot finish it,” the assistant Democratic leader, Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., said late Thursday.

Supporters of the compromise claimed 70 votes and said they could defeat all of the amendments offered by opponents. Republicans, however, closed ranks in insisting that at least some of those amendments get votes. Both sides indicated the Senate would complete the bill when Congress returns from the recess that begins Monday.

Flap doubts there afe 70 votes for this bill. They don’t have 60, otherwise, they would move forward, close debate and vote the bill out of the Senate.

Interesting that the Democrats will not allow amendments. Flap supposes they really don’t want recorded votes against Hispanic immigrants/illegal aliens and/or their labor union base.

Senator Frist’s bill will pass today and this will be the only immigration bill passing through the Senate this year, despite all of the rancor.

The compromise bill is DEAD…..the United States Senate needs to move on……..

Stay tuned……


Captain’s Quarters: Immigration Reform Details Not Appealing

Hugh Hewitt: Not Good. Bad. Very Bad.


Powerline: Speak Up On Immigration


Illegal Immigration Watch: Republicans to Filibuster Immigration Bill

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Illegal Immigration Watch: 500,000 Rally to Protest Immigration Bills

Illegal Immigration Watch: Democrat Senate Minority Leader Threatens Filibuster of Illegal Immigration Bill

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