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Senator Joe Lieberman Watch: The Jane Hamsher “Black-Face” Flap


Hugh Hewitt has Mel Gibson and Jane Hamsher: The Arianna Connection

Radioblogger has the “disappeared” photoshop effort put out by Jane Hamsher and notes that the HuffingtonPost is much more adept at hiding the evidence of bigotry than anyone working for Gibson or the sheriff’s department.

Michelle Malkin has more.

Here is the missing photo:


Flap had it previously here with a link to Jane Hamsher’s Huffington Post piece now sine graphic.

Duane over at Radioblogger has it right:

Hamsher commits a racial offense toward a United States Senator that is repellent enough to warrant immediate removal from Huffington’s site, but with no explanation or apology.

Wonder what Ned Lamont thinks of his fawning friend Hamsher now? Just wait until Lamont wins the Democrat primary against Joe Lieberman and then what does Lamont and his wife do with Hamsher and Firedoglake?

Flap thinks Lieberman will have Lamont for lunch when he runs as an independent candidate.

The Left netroots self-destructing again……ya gotta love it!



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4 thoughts on “Senator Joe Lieberman Watch: The Jane Hamsher “Black-Face” Flap

  1. dimboRATs imploding???? I LOVE it!!! Maybe they will self destruct and become extinct. One has to have hope about something good in the world, don’t you think?

  2. I’m not quite sure why, but for some reason namecalling and fourth-grade level antics seem to be the norm on both extremes of the political spectrum, be it Democrats or Republicans. I can’t defend the people who put up, then took down, something so terribly racist and definitely beyond the vein of parody… but what is served by saying that you would rather be rid of all Democrats? Wouldn’t it be better to simply state your position, back it up with some reasonable, logically sound premise, then carry on an intelligent debate, rather than simply point fingers and call someone the equivalent of a “doody head”?

    (As a disclaimer, I live in Connecticut and haven’t agreed with Lieberman for a long time, stemming back from his very conservative views on censorship. Then again, I’d rather candidates be evaluated on their stand on the issues, not purile name-calling and hiding behind party lines.)

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