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Senator Joe Lieberman Watch: Lieberman Assails Lamont Campaign Over The Jane Hamsher “Black-Face” Flap


Ned Lamont center, embraces Tommie Jackson, pastor of the Faith Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church at a breakfast with Rev. Al Sharpton, right, Wednesday, Aug. 2, 2006, in Stamford, Conn. Lamont is receiving an endorsement from Sharpton for his run in the Democratic primary against Sen. Joe Lieberman.

Washington Post: Lieberman Assails Lamont Over Supporter’s Blog Post

The bitter Democratic Senate primary in Connecticut erupted in fresh controversy Wednesday over a doctored photo of Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (D-Conn.) in blackface that was posted by a blogger who has been an influential promoter of challenger Ned Lamont.

Lieberman angrily demanded that Lamont denounce the action and sever all ties with Jane Hamsher, the founder of the Web log Firedoglake, who posted the photo on another blog, HuffingtonPost.com. She travels with the campaign along with other bloggers. She is not on the campaign staff but has actively promoted Lamont’s candidacy and helped raise money for him through her blog.

The photo, showing former president Bill Clinton in dark glasses and Lieberman in blackface, appeared early Wednesday, accompanied by a dispatch attacking Lieberman, his supporters and some news organizations. There was no mention of the photo in the dispatch, and the photo later was removed. But the two campaigns heatedly traded charges as the day progressed.

Here is the photo as it appeared on the Huffington Post (before it was removed):


This FLAP occurred just as Jesse Jackson and Al sharpton were making in state appearances and endorsements for Ned Lamont, Lieberman’s opponent in next Tuesday’s Democrat Primary election.


Ned Lamont, right, the businessman who is challenging Sen. Joe Lieberman for the Democratic Senate nomination in Connecticut, confers with the Rev. Jesse Jackson in New Haven, Conn., Wednesday, Aug. 2, 2006.

The controversy came on a day when Lamont campaigned with two of the most prominent African American politicians in the country, Jesse L. Jackson and Al Sharpton. The intersection of events focused attention on two critical aspects of the Senate primary fight: the influence of the bloggers on Lamont’s antiwar candidacy and the importance of the black vote in determining the outcome on Tuesday.

Lieberman responded indignantly after the photo posting was revealed. “This is one of the most disgusting and hurtful images that has been used in American history, it’s deeply offensive to people of all colors, and it has absolutely no place in the political arena today,” he said in a statement issued by his campaign.

Lieberman called on Lamont to ban Hamsher from traveling with the campaign, refuse to take any money raised by Hamsher and remove any links to her postings on his Web site.

Lamont brushed past reporters Wednesday night in Bridgeport, saying: “I don’t know anything about the blogs. I’m not responsible for those. I have no comment on them.” (Emphasis Flap’s)

Now, isn’t this gettin’ good……..?

And Lefty Ned Lamont is such a LIAR……..Hugh Hewitt smacks Lamont down here.

Late polls have Joe Lieberman losing the nomination of his own party. However, Lieberman has already stated that he will run as an independent candidate should he lose on Tuesday.

Somehow Flap thinks this Black-Face FLAP will resurface in campaign mail and television quite a bit between now and the November general election.

Don’t think you will be seeing much of Jane Hamsher around Ned much – maybe if Kos isn’t busy…….



Allah over at Hot Air

Michelle Malkin


File this one under dog-bites-man.

I’ll have much to say about the Joe Lieberman-in-blackface controversy in a bit. I’m still reeling, however, from the shock that the progressive netroots have jeopardized one of their preferred favorite candidates with a juvenile and tasteless act. They’re generally such mature and thoughtful people who show such reliably astute judgment.

Am I alone in seeing the dark magic of Karl Rove at work here?

Dean, definitely Karl Rove at work here…….

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