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Mark Steyn Watch: America Alone – A FLAP Surprise


Mark Steyn’s America Alone

When Flap returned home this evening after a hard day of practicing dentistry (not really!) I found my new copy of Mark’s America Alone in the post.

I greatly anticipated the book’s arrival since the content followed up on a speech that Flap covered in this blog last December.

Previous posts include the following:

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Mark Steyn Honored at The Claremont Institute’s Sir Winston Churchill Dinner

And please note the nice headshot photo of Mark:

This is a cropped version of this photograph of Mark and Claremont Institute President and ballistic missile expert, Brian T. Kennedy:


The photo was taken in Mark’s suite at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel after his acceptance of the Winston Churchill Award. As I blogged previously he was gracious to discuss current events with a number of us, including PrestoPundit, from The Bear Flag League for hours.

So, what does this stroll down memory lane have to do with Steyn’s new book?

Look at this scan of America Alone’s back FLAP:


Look it is Flap’s photo!

I am very flattered and have written to Mark and Regnery Publishing, requesting a photo credit. Mark’s assistant, Victoria Ayrsmith, has written me back and will pursue the matter tomorrow.

In the meantime, Flap is STOKED and PUBLISHED – well sort of…….


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