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McCain wins close state straw poll

Sen. John McCain narrowly won a presidential straw poll held in the northern part of this early voting state, local Republican officials said Friday.

McCain beat former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani by just two votes. The Arizona senator’s tally of 164 ballots was six more than California Rep. Duncan Hunter. Severe weather Thursday night caused a low turnout of about 800 people and forced the tallying to be suspended.

The results left no clear-cut favorite in this conservative county in South Carolina, which will hold the first Southern Republican primary on Feb. 2.

“We’ve got three people at the top that are significantly different in philosophies and what they bring to the table,” Spartanburg County GOP Chairman Rick Beltram said. “This race is wide open.”

The final vote:

John McCain 164

Rudy Giuliani 162

Duncan Hunter 158

Sam Brownback 85

Mitt Romney 80

Mike Huckabee 21

And the vote when counting of votes was halted last night:

Rudy Giuliani 158

Duncan Hunter 152

John McCain 116

Sam Brownback 83

Mitt Romney 80

Mike Huckabee 21

So, let’s see in the remaining ballots between last night and today the votes counted were:

John McCain + 46

Rudy Giuliani + 4

Duncan Hunter +6

Sam Brownback +2
Mitt Romney No Change
Mike Huckabee No Change

Of the remaining 58 votes John McCain received 46 or 79.3 %

Kind of fortuitous don’t you think?

How do you spell BULL?

The South Carolina GOP better get its act together and assure an impartial ballot or Flap suggests they forget about straw polls.

Now, it is anyone’s guess who has a leg up in South Carolina.

Back to the real polls……


Kavon over at race42008 has some more of the bull, McCain’s operatives are pulling at CPAC.

I guess watch out for the well-dressed operatives from D.C..

But, Dirty tricks don’t buy you love………


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