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Republican presidential hopeful, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani gestures while speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, Friday, March 2, 2007.

Howard Kurtz: Looking Back to ‘9/10 Rudy,’ and Ahead to 11/’08

Rudy Giuliani, who is now the Republican presidential front-runner (according to absurdly early polls), has a problem. And it’s not just that he may be too liberal on social issues for GOP primary voters.

The former mayor’s earliest adversary is the New York press corps, and its depiction of what has come to be dubbed the 9/10 Rudy.

Every White House contender must deal with a home-state media contingent that knows his or her flaws and foibles. But Giuliani came to power in the nation’s biggest media echo chamber, where hordes of journalists remember his personal and political difficulties before the Sept. 11 attacks gave him a heroic aura.

“Anyone who lived here at the time remembers the 9/10 Rudy: strong on crime and the economy, yes, but arrogant, bullying, and terrible on race and civil rights. . . . The rest of America sees a far different Rudy,” says a New York Magazine cover story.

And here it starts the Clinton Cabal and the “POLITICS OF PERSONAL DESTRUCTION.”

But, will it stick?

Flap doesn’t think so. Why?

1. Most voters will know this is a partisan attack from the LEFT

2. The majority of voters know the “RECORD” of Rudy Giuliani in New York – they have seen it.

3. Every family has their own problems with divorce, remarriage and children – and these problems are difficult at best. Moreover, by exploiting Giuliani’s family problems, the press will look MEAN and VINDICTIVE.

The piece circulated by ABC News and summarized in the New York Post is a case in point.

First, the ABC News piece is inaccurate in that he skipped his son, Andrew’s high school graduation.

Second, who cares about whether Rudy has visited his son at Duke. My parents never visited me at USC in eight years. I would see them at holidays and assorted weekends. They wrote the checks and I was happy.

Bringing Rudy’s children into the political arena as the lefty MSM did with President Bush’s daughters is “below the belt” politics.

Who the feck really cares – except the gossip mongers and the cheap tabloids that William Randolf Hearst who made “YELLOW JOURNALISM” a household word?

A candidate for President is a politician who brings the vastness of experience and accomplishment to the office. Mayor Giuliani meets the criteria more than the others.

So, how about the liberal MSM leaving Rudy’s kids alone?

Go after the Mayor like you did in New York for eight years and characterize him as whatever – mean, short-tempered, thin skinned. Except this time, with the blogs, vetting your biased writing you better attempt to be fair or prepare to be scrutinized yourselves.

Stay tuned…….



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