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2008 Republican Presidential Primary: Giuliani 37% McCain 16% Gingrich 11%

In the race to win the Republican Presidential nomination, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s (R) now has his biggest lead of the season—21 percentage points. Giuliani now attracts support from 37% of those likely to vote in a Republican Primary, up from 34% a week ago. While Giuliani gained three points, Arizona Senator John McCain lost three points and now is supported by just 16% of those surveyed. That is the lowest level of support measured so far who not long ago was presumed to be the frontrunner for the nomination.

The Poll Summary:


This supports the pundit consensus that Rudy is SURGING, McCain is FADING and that Romney has NOT CAUGHT ON.

Flap continues to believe that by Labor Day the remaining candidates will be Rudy and Mitt.


Rudy Giuliani yesterday addressing the press in Washington D.C.


The Rudy Giuliani Files

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  1. […] And in last week’s Rasmussen poll, the Mayor continues to lead in the GOP race for the Republican presidential nomination – leading his nearest competitor Senator Jon McCain by 21 percentage points. […]

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