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California Congressman George Radanovich Endorses Rudy Giuliani

The Rudy Giuliani Presidential Exploratory Committee announced today that Congressman George Radanovich is supporting Mayor Giuliani for President. Congressman Radanovich’s support is just the latest in a growing list of California endorsements which includes fellow Congressional members Mary Bono, David Dreier, Jerry Lewis, Devin Nunes, and Ed Royce.

“We need a proven leader with an optimistic vision who can unite our party and our country,” said Congressman George Radanovich. “Rudy Giuliani is an experienced, decisive leader who will use the same conservative principles that led to New York City’s revitalization to tackle the difficult issues our country faces today.”

“I welcome Congressman Radanovich’s support and look forward to working together to grow our California team,” Mayor Giuliani said.

Flap had the opportunity this afternoon to interview Representative Radanovich regarding the Giuliani campaign.

George P. Radanovich is a Republican member of the United States House of Representatives since 1995, representing the 19th District of California. The 19th District comprises all or part of the Fresno, Madera, Mariposa, Stanislaus, and Tuolumne Counties.


His Congressional website is here and campaign website is here.

Flap: Congressman where are you today?

GR: I am in the Valley in between Madera and Fresno, making the rounds (of his Congressional District).

Flap: Why Rudy Giuliani? Why have you endorsed him for President?

GR: This election will be about strong leadership while we are in this War on Terror. And this will require somebody who will be strong on leadership and be very decisive. And especially to be able to retain the White House for the Republican Party. And I think that Rudy does that job.

It is not so much for me (an election) on local issues but staying strong world-wide. We cannot afford to have just anybody who will not be strong and who thinks the Iraq War is a mistake. And, I think with his 9/11 background (Rudy) puts the best face on victory in the War on Terror.

Flap: So, you would say the War on Terror and the Iraq War – issues of War and Peace trump all of the others?

GR: I think they will be the biggest issues in this campaign. And I believe that over the next few months this President is going to start standing up to this Democratic Congress especially with these war votes coming up, and frankly the American people are going to start getting back (supporting) the President on this war and I want to carry this into the next presidency.

Flap: You mentioned earlier in your comments about electability and retaining the White House. How do you feel about Rudy’s electability versus Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama?

GR: I think for that reason Rudy’s strength on national issues will and (his) attitude of what we are trying to accomplish in the world he will show be much stronger than Hillary Clinton and frankly I just don’t see Obama getting the nomination.


Flap: Endorsements in GOP primaries are always risky. Certainly some Members of Congress do not put their necks out there and endorse in a partisan primary. Why have you decided to put your neck out and endorse Rudy over John McCain or Mitt Romney?

GR: Well, now is the time to start and with the new primary (GOP Party) rules in California, the individual districts will be able to weigh in more. (California chooses its GOP Presidential delegates based on winning a plurality in each Congressional District). So, I have the ability to hopefully influence not only delegates in my district but also surrounding Democrat districts and so the districts play a little bit more of a role in the nomination process. Plus, it is happening alot sooner than we think with the primary – and so getting in now, although it might seem a little early but is something we need to do in a timely fashion. I would support the nominee whoever it was but I think in the long run Giuliani goes the distance and I think will win in the long run. You know, if John McCain were to get the nomination or Mitt Romney or anyone else, of course, they would have my support. Just in my view, he is showing the ability to go the distance and he has got in his persona and a good face to put before the world and (to show) that we are determined to win and have victory over terror.

Flap: Lat week I interviewed Michelle Steel from the California State Board of Equalization and I asked her this question: In light of the polls showing Rudy Giuliani with a commanding lead over the GOP field, is the Presidential campaign in California is done/over? Michelle Steel said yes. Congressman, what do you say?

GR: Politics can change in a day and I do not think it is in anyone’s court at all right now. There are alot of things that can happen. Newt and Fred Thompson might enter the race and you never know what might happen with Romney or McCain -so no it is not over. There is still alot more listening by the public to do. We are a long ways from having this thing in the bag.

Flap: The Mayor has been up in your area and has campaigned up in Fresno this last month. Do you know of any plans for him to return?

GR: I know when I talked to him personally he said and this is before we knew for sure that the California Primary was going to be in February that he was going to be pretty much living in California. So, my feeling is that he will be out here quite often.

Flap: Some members of the GOP say that Giuliani is a liberal and that he doesn’t reflect the views and values of mainstream Republicans. What do you say Congressman?

GR: Like I said before the issue with national leadership on the War on Terror and cutting spending in New York City and I don’t think anybody believes he will be a tax and spend liberal.

He has satisfied me on a number of the social issues.

1. He opposes Gay Marriage in any form.

2. On abortion, he is on the conservative side – front and center now and does not favor Partial Birth Abortion. And he supports Parental Notification.

So, these are the issues and the fact that he is a tax-cutter not a spender. I think he fills the bill in that way.

Thank you Congressman for the interview.


Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani watches a mechanical milking system at the World Ag Expo, Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2007, in Tulare, Calif. Giuliani toured the expo as part of opening ceremonies.


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