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Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney with his wife, Ann, speak to the delegates Saturday, May 19, 2007, at the Republican Party State Convention in Columbia, S.C.

Des Moines Register: The Iowa Poll

Mitt Romney has sprinted ahead of presidential competitors John McCain and Rudy Giuliani in a new Iowa Poll of likely Republican caucus participants.

The Des Moines Register poll shows Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, is the top choice of 30 percent of those who say they definitely or probably will attend the leadoff Iowa caucuses in January.

McCain, a U.S. senator from Arizona, nips former New York Mayor Giuliani for second place — 18 percent to 17 percent.



And the Candidate Impressions Poll:


Note this poll did NOT include either Fred Thompson or Newt Gingrich.

Let’s look at the Real Clear Politics averages prior to this poll:


It initially appears that Mitt Romney has made a move in Iowa but closer examination of previous polls does not demonstrate this.

More than likely, Fred Thompson or Newt Gingrich will enter the fray and split votes away from Romney.

But, this might be a legitimate move.

The questions are:

1. Is the McCain campaign collapsing in Iowa?

2. Will Rudy attempt to compete in Iowa and participate in the Ames Straw poll?

Flap thinks the answer to both questions is no but stay tuned…….


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One Response to “Mitt Romney Watch: Iowa Caucus Poll – Romney Leads”
  1. mullah cimoc says:

    mullah cimoc say him mitt romney too much obedient slave of master in tel aviv.

    am him real patriot? or am him just wanting the power. why him not protect ameriki from takeover by foreign power?

    am him agent of him master? this good topic for discussion and investigation.

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