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Former New York Mayor and Presidential candidate and Mrs. Rudy Giuliani in Simi Valley, California, May 3, 2007. Standing next to the Mayor is Anaheim, California Mayor Curt Pringle.

Flap welcomes the Honorable Curt Pringle, Mayor of the City of Anaheim, California in a guest blog post

Mayor Curt Pringle

Mayor of Anaheim, CA

As Mayor of Anaheim, I know that city government needs to be held accountable – accountable for keeping its citizens safe, accountable for how taxpayer funds are spent, and accountable for basic services that improve daily life.

There was one candidate in the Republican presidential field who also knows about accountability, and that is Rudy Giuliani. While Republicans can find reasons to like each one of the candidates running for President, Rudy is the only candidate that has showed he is going to hold government accountable for its actions, and he has the record to prove it.

With this Democratic Congress, we are already seeing signs that government spending will reach record heights. We need to ask ourselves, when will Washington ever be held accountable for constantly increasing the size of government and out of control spending. Years ago, that is exactly what was said of our country’s largest city – New York.

I know in Anaheim, we are an inviting city. Much like New York, we are a community of well-rooted families and a city that welcomes thousands of tourists and vacationers each year. However, when Rudy took over New York, the city was decaying. In 1993, there were almost 2,000 murders, and each week more than 11,000 major crimes were committed.

The city needed to be held accountable for its actions. Despite being well outnumbered by Democrats on the City Council, Rudy Giuliani took control of New York.

His administration launched a program called CompStat that radically reduced crime in New York using performance measurements to hold the city accountable for its crime levels. Now imitated in cities across the United States, CompStat established protocols for information gathering; effective problem solving; efficient police deployment; and constant assessments.

By the end of Mayor Giuliani’s second term, murders dropped by 66%. Rape decreased by 45%, robbery decreased 67%, and aggravated assault, larceny, and motor vehicle theft each decreased by at least 39%.

When you listen to Rudy Giuliani speak, it is not just rhetoric. These are real results from a real leader. Many of us know Rudy Giuliani as the symbol of leadership in a time of crisis. Rudy faced a city in crisis when he became mayor. He proved then that he could guide New York out of that crisis, just like he did on 9/11. That is the strong leader we need as President.

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