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Republican presidential hopeful Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. gestures during a new conference where he was endorsed by over 100 retired admirals and generals Saturday, Dec. 15, 2007, in Columbia, S.C.

Senator John McCain who had previously been endorsed by the New Hampshire Manchester Union Leader was today endorsed by the Boston Globe and Des Moines Register.

In a direct slap (or more like a knife in the back) at Mitt Romney – Romney was the Governor and is long time resident of Massachusetts, the Boston Globe played it safe with McCain and by its endorsement hopes to deny a New Hampshire victory to Romney.

The Des Moines Register disagrees with John McCain on a number of issues (including abortion rights) but denied the endorsement to Romney who has spent over $7 million in Iowa and who desperately needs a win in Iowa and New Hampshire to gather momentum to win later primary/caucus states.

Will these endorsements help John McCain?


But, McCain is short on campaign cash and organization. It is doubtful his campaign could parlay these endorsements into wins besides New Hamsphire and perhaps Michigan.

If anyone is a major beneficiary of these endorsements it is Rudy Giuliani. A muddled primary season with various winners in early states plays to his big state Super Duper Tuesday February 5th strategy.

Stay tuned…….


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Republican presidential hopeful former Massachussets Gov. Mitt Romney speaks to local residents during a campaign stop Saturday, Dec. 15, 2007, in Humboldt, Iowa.

Mitt Romney, trailing in the Presidential polls to former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee angrily attacked him today as Un-Republican.

Mitt Romney accused Republican presidential rival Mike Huckabee of “running from the wrong party” for criticizing President Bush’s foreign policy as an “arrogant bunker mentality.”

Romney defended Bush against Huckabee’s charge, which the former Arkansas governor leveled in the January-February issue of the respected journal Foreign Affairs.

“I can’t believe he’d say that,” Romney said to a gathering of about 100 supporters in a restaurant here. “I had to look again—did this come from Barack Obama or from Hillary Clinton? Did it come from John Edwards? No, it was Governor Huckabee.”

And, it is wrong for Mike Huckabee to criticize President Bush whose leadership has plunged the GOP into disarray and who (with his failed leadership) has presided over the loss of majorities in Congress?

Mitt Romney shows his desperation in the polls with his NASTY and NEGATIVE television ads and direct mail pieces.

Now, there is this unnecessary and unwarranted attack on Huckabee.

Romney’s desperation is becoming pathetic. Moreover, is there is any candidate who has violated the GOP’s 11th commandment more than Romney in this campaign? Look at this ad Romney is running in Iowa:


Mitt, how about running a clean and honorable campaign? Enough of the desperate, nasty and dirty politics.


Mitt personally attacks Huckabee in these quotes:

“I simply can’t believe that. I can’t believe he’d say that. I’m afraid he’s running from the wrong party.”

Later with reporters, Romney went further into his criticism. “The suggestion that foreign affairs is like children on a playground — that’s not exactly the allegory I would draw upon. It’s a far more serious and monumental effort than kids at school.” He also leveled the following slam: “I was disappointed in the quality of the thinking and the quality of the recommendations there.”


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The introductory video from Rudy Giuliani’s speech today in Florida.

From the Press release:


The next four years will present our country with daunting challenges. America needs a President with bold vision who can unite the country and lead by getting results. Some people look at the challenges we face as a nation and they fear the future. I welcome it. With eight years of experience leading the world’s 17th largest economy, I know how to solve problems people once thought impossible.

I took a $2.3 billion deficit and turned it into a multi-billion surplus. I transformed the nation’s crime capital into the safest large city in America by cutting crime by 60%. I slashed welfare rolls by 640,000 because it’s better to give people a hand up than a hand out. These experiences make me the only candidate ready to lead this country forward.


Few people understand the challenges facing America today. We have to stay on offense in the Terrorists’ War on Us. We must prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. We have to end illegal immigration and secure our borders. To ensure that our economy stays strong and continues to create jobs, we need to cut taxes and reduce bureaucratic red tape. Americans are finding it increasingly difficult to purchase health care, so we must revolutionize our health care system by injecting free-market solutions to make health care more affordable for all Americans.

Our economy is becoming increasingly dependent on foreign sources of oil and as a matter of national security and environmental stewardship, I am committed to leading America toward energy independence. America stands at a crossroads in history. United and strong we can take a giant step forward, or divided and weak we can take a step back.


The time is now for a new direction in America. For too long, Washington has been crippled by partisan gridlock. I know how to bring people together to get things done. As President, I will reach out across the aisle and work together with Democrats to solve big problems. Politics is about more than campaign promises; it’s about getting results. Results for you. Results for your family. Results for a better tomorrow.

The greatness of America lies in the spirit and character of her people. And with your help, there is nothing America can’t do together. We can decide America’s direction. We determine America’s future

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Chuck Norris notwithstanding, Mike Huckabee has peaked.

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