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Republican Presidential hopeful, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, holds an angel statue he purchased, Monday, Dec. 17, 2007, at the Christmas Dove shop in Barrington, N.H. where he was campaigning.

Rudy Giuliani’s National poll demise apparently was greatly exaggerated.

The latest USA Today Gallup Poll: 

  • Rudy – 27% (25, 11-30 thru 12/2)
  • Mike Huckabee – 16% (16)
  • Mitt Romney – 14% (12)
  • John McCain – 14% (15)
  • Fred Thompson – 14% (15)
  • Ron Paul – 3% (4)

Survey of 399 adults was conducted Dec 14-16 and has a 5% MoE.

The Mayor was up two points and increased to a double digit lead.  Pundits have Hizzoner collapsing.  As Flap said before, do not count the Mayor out.

Stay tuned……


Rudy Giuliani Watch: Rasmussen and Rudy

Rudy Giuliani Watch: Shifting Resources Out of New Hampshire

Rudy Giuliani Video Watch: “Tested. Ready. Now.”

Rudy Giuliani Watch: “Tested. Ready. Now.”

Rudy Giuliani California Poll Watch: Rudy Holding Steady in The Golden State

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What Really Matters

It is the time of the season and this ad plays well.

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No, not Scalia.

United States Congressman Steve King, R-Iowa might just be the FIRE Fred Thompson needs.

And, did Flap say what bad news this is for Mitt Romney who has been looking for some good news coming out of Iowa.

Fred Thompson may well finish third in Iowa and then onto South Carolina while McCain attempts to steal New Hampshire from Mitt.

A rare good day for Thompson.

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Dan Fogelberg: Leader of the Band

Dan Fogelberg, singer and songwriter died yesterday of Prostate Cancer at 56. R.I.P.

From his website – the Sermon:

Now for the sermon.

To each and every man….

I cannot encourage you strongly enough to get a DRE (Digital Rectal Exam) and a PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) test EVERY YEAR.

The medical community suggests this for men over 50, but men with a family history of prostate cancer should start getting tested at age 40.

The PSA test is a simple blood test…it only takes a minute or two. The DRE, okay, every man squirms at the thought of this exam, but hey, it too takes only a minute or two, and IT COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE.

Prostate cancer can be very slow growing or very aggressive, but detected early while it is still confined to the prostate gland, it can usually be treated and cured successfully.

Once it spreads beyond the prostate it is called Advanced Prostate Cancer (PCa). At this point it becomes imminently more life threatening and harder to treat. Do yourself and your loved ones a huge favor and GET CHECKED REGULARLY. I promise you, you DON’T want to go through what I’m going through if you can avoid it.

Education and awareness are key, I urge you to follow the link below to the Prostate Cancer Foundation web site and read up on how best to protect yourself and reduce your likelihood of contracting this terrible disease.

Prostate Cancer

And, now another:


Dan Fogelberg – Same Auld Lang Syne

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