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Direct mail from the Romney campaign reaching Iowa mailboxes near you.

Intentionally misleading and filled with hyperbole, you ask?

You betcha……will it work?

Or backfire?

Most campaigns use contrast and attack pieces, why?  BECAUSE IT WORKS!

Stay tuned……..


Mitt Romney Watch: Romney Hits McCain with Another Television Ad in New Hampshire

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John McCain Watch: McCain Responds with Negative Ad Against Mitt Romney in New Hampshire

John McCain Watch: McCain Responds to Romney New Hampshire Attack Ad – Calls Romney “HYSTERICAL”

Mitt Romney Watch: Is Mitt Desperate?

Mitt Romney Watch: Romney Attacks McCain for Attacking Bush in 2000

Mitt Romney Watch: New TV AD Attacks McCain on Taxes and Illegal Immigration; Update: Team McCain Strikes Back at Romney

John McCain Watch: New TV AD Slaps Romney Over Newspaper Endorsements

John McCain Watch: The GOP Gloves Are Off With Mitt Romney in New Hampshire

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2 Responses to “Mitt Romney Watch: Romney Accuses Huckabee of Being Soft on Meth”
  1. […] Rudy Giuliani talking to reporters in Iowa, December29, 2007 The Iowa and New Hampshire television and radio airwaves and mailboxes are full of NEGATIVE CONTRAST ads. McCain and Huckabee are calling Romney names on the campaign trail. […]

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