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Deep pockets Mitt Romney is “on air” with another contrast attack ad against John McCain in New Hampshire today.

The script:

ANNOUNCER: “Mitt Romney and John McCain on immigration.

“McCain championed a bill to let every illegal immigrant stay in America permanently.

“He even voted to allow illegal immigrants to collect Social Security.

“Mitt Romney said ‘no’ to driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants.

“‘No’ to tuition breaks for illegal immigrants, and he authorized his State Police to enforce federal immigration law.

“On illegal immigration, there’s a big difference.”

Stay tuned…….


McCain responds:

After McCain was read the script of the ad from a journalist’s blackberry, he said he was not surprised by the new attack, the second in such days. “I think we expected it… We did have a response ad and I think it’s effective. But for us to get down in that tit for tat — we’re just not going to do that.”

Senior strategist Charlie Black said the voters will question Romney — not McCain — over the latest round of ads. “The biggest issue in the race right now is not what [McCain] says on any specific issue. It’s Romney’s credibility.”


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12 Responses to “Mitt Romney Watch: Romney Hits McCain with Another Television Ad in New Hampshire”
  1. There is one thing about all of this, at least everybody knows where McCain stands on all the issues, which is more than can be said for Romney.

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  3. Save says:

    Mitt’s ads are ‘contrasts’ and those records are in public. The response form McCain and Huckabee are now personal attacks defense. What happened to their ‘no negativity ads or response’ preaching? From a too presidential and too good to dishonesty and a pig can’t any worse. I guess the only way to beat Mitt is below the belt. That sea of tranquility is filled with nasties down below and now are surfacing. Mitt has more integrity and moral values than the other candidates.

  4. Flap says:

    Mitt Romney is no angel. He has a problem with veracity that rivals Huckabee and McCain.

  5. Save says:

    The Judicial Watch “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” list Huckabee as one of them.
    Mitt is attacking McCain’s and Huckabee’s records. In anger, Huckabee attacks Mitt as dishonest. Wow, the Christian preacher who never graduated from seminary now is not acting like a Christian. Then McCain called Mitt a pig and that’s downright dirty. We’re getting to the latter rounds and after the sea of negativity is cleared, only the strong survives. Just look at Mitt and his family and that should tell you the story of integrity and moral values.

  6. All I can ask is but one question: who started this dirt slinging campaign/ It doesn’t reflect too well on his “supposed christian background”. Fact .com has alraedy disproved everything that is in these ads not an hour after he released them. Check it out it is hard to miss at it is entitled More of Mitt’s Malarkey. Pretty catchy Title huh?

  7. Mitt Romney has viciously attacked Senator McCain for the past week and now that we are responding you all want to start whining and cry foul. Look you can’t have it both ways. Romney is the one that started attacking Senator McCain with made-up crap and disproved every word in his ads against Senator McCain. We are not the ones that ruined his campaign with self-inflicted sabatage he did that all by himself and when he loses this election because of his dishonesty he is the one that he can look to for accountment. We did not make up an imaginary march that he and his dad had with MLK and then it was just his dad that marched with MLK and it turns out that they not only didn’t march with MLK they had never even met MLK. We didn’t make up a story about being an avid hunter when in fact he has never even actually hunted just tagged along.McCain has never been Independent but Romney has and McCain has never swore never to be Republican but Romney has and look what ticket he is running on today. McCain has never supported abortions but Romney has and is now running on a pro-life ticket.We did not steal JFK’s speech.tweek it and put our name on it, so if you want to blame someone you might want to check your facts and then get the right one. We have have ran a clean campaign which is more than your candidate can say now isn’t it? If he has credibility problems and wants someone to blame he might need to look in the mirror.

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  9. […] The Iowa and New Hampshire television and radio airwaves and mailboxes are full of NEGATIVE CONTRAST ads. McCain and Huckabee are calling Romney names on the campaign trail. […]

  10. Savea says:

    Mitt’s ads are about contrasts and comparisons. Who said the words like dishonesty and pig? It’s Huckabee and McCain and they are personal attacks on someone’s character. I don’t think any of these candidates are perfect but Mitt would never say words like that. Yes, he was overtaken by Huckabee in Iowa and he had to fight back but not by attacking others with words like that.

    Manchester Town Manager John O’keefe who used to work for Mitt said the following about Mitt:

    “O’Keefe said he never saw Romney, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, smoke or drink and never heard him swear. He said there are not any skeletons in Romney’s closet, what you see is pretty much what you get.
    “He was pretty much the same guy behind closed doors,” O’Keefe said of his former boss, “very intense, very focused and very motivated.”

    O’Keefe said the public perception of Romney — who has been married for 38 years and is the father of five sons — as a dedicated family man is also true. “His family seemed so perfect; I think it almost makes people feel envious,” he said.
    O’Keefe described Romney as unflappable and cool under fire. He said he only saw him lose his temper a couple of times in private and only saw him visibly angry in public once, when Romney voiced his concerns about the Big Dig at a press conference.

    O’Keefe said one of Romney’s strengths is obvious just by looking at him. “If you were filming a movie about the president, he’d be right out of central casting,” he said.
    He said the governor was also an amazing public speaker and knew how to work a press conference. O’Keefe said he used to write comments for Romney to follow during speeches, but he would always speak off-the-cuff instead.

    John is not even endorsing Mitt Romney but his testimony is a a witness about a man of integrity and honor.

  11. Apollo says:

    Did McCain support amnesty for people illegally here? Yes. That is the truth.

    Did McCain’s own state just enact a law that would and is taking care of the illegal immigration problem without the government deporting them? Yes. Illegal aliens, if employed, will cost the employer his business license. This has forced all companies to fire/let go all illegal aliens in the state.

    Schools will be less crowded, hospitals will not go bankrupt, less crime (illegally coming into America is a crime.)

    Go home, apply to come here legally, and then I say welcome. Until then you are a thief breaking in to my home.

    As for Mitt, he points out the record. Huck/McCain attack the man.

    I have no problem pointing out the fact that Huck is a funny guy, and belongs on last comic standing, but he is not presidential

    Mitt is married to his only wife, John is on his second, who is really quite a sugar momma, just like John Kerry who married a very wealthy woman…gold diggers? You decide.

    I do know that Mitt is not divorced and has raised his family as a family that can be idealized for its family values–grandkids, all sons married. Excellent.

    McCain, fact, voted against the Bush tax cuts.

    McCain has been in the Senate so long, he IS the establishment, and contrary to his campaign rhetoric, takes a HUGE amount of money from corporations and lobbyists.

    John, too old for president? You decide. He will be 80 when he leaves office. That is too old for me.

    John, your time was last decade. Go back to Scottsdale and play a round in the sun.

  12. Apollo says:

    unlike the bigot who won in Iowa.

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