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John McCain reacts to Mitt Romney’s negative attacks. JSM: You know, I find it ironic Mitt Romney would attack me on the issue of immigration.

John McCain will be “on air” soon with the above television ad in response to Mitt Romney’s attack ad below:


McCain and Romney are going mano a mano in New Hampshire. Rest assured Mitt Romney (with unlimited campaign resources and plenty of pre-purchased television time) will respond with a new ad challenging McCain’s credibility.

Are New Hampshire voters tiring of this back and forth? Or will one of these candidates ride these ads to victory?

Stay tuned…..


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3 Responses to “John McCain Watch: McCain Responds to Romney Negative Illegal Immigration TV Ad”
  1. Francis McM says:

    McCain is a Joke in New Hampshire, McCain needs to worry about Huckabee, and Use Romney as a tool to tear down the Bible Thumping ideolog who would ring in great depression part two with his economic policies.

    McCain can Beat Rudy, Romney and Fred, but Huckabee takes from his pool of voters. McCain should promote himself as well as Promote Fred and Paul to detract from Huckabee. in these winner take all states, a plurality will do, Fred and Paul are low in the polls, giving them a 1-3% boost will steal from Huck AND Romney,

    McCain needs to Think who he’s attacking.

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  3. K T Cat says:

    Thanks for posting the McCain video. I hadn’t seen it. McCain is my second choice behind Fred. After that is Rudy and after that is “no selection.”

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