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Rudy Giuliani talking to reporters in Iowa, December29, 2007

The Iowa and New Hampshire television and radio airwaves and mailboxes are full of NEGATIVE CONTRAST ads. McCain and Huckabee are calling Romney names on the campaign trail.

But, Rudy Giuliani is taking a different approach – the high road – at least for now.

While his rivals accuse one another of dishonesty and lambaste one another’s records, Rudy Giuliani is attempting to stay above the fray, saying he will not attack his fellow GOP contenders.

“I’d rather stay away from criticism of other Republicans. Our objective is to beat the Democrats and the less we criticize each other, the better position we’re gonna be in to beat the Democrats,” he said after a quick stop at an Indianola bakery. “”It seems to me we got so many issues to talk about in which we can distinguish ourselves, our different experiences, our different backgrounds, and give the voters a chance to decide.”

But, the fact is that negative campaign ads work.

In today’s polls from Iowa, Mitt Romney has eroded Mike Huckabee’s lead. And, John McCain has vaulted into the lead (of sorts -within the margin of error) in a national GOP poll. Both as a result of negative ads.

Rudy will play the UNIFIER for now and will wait for the dust to clear between the Romney-Huckabee and Romney-McCain media wars. In the meantime, Giuliani’s media people will focus group test the negative pieces to see which are the most effective to use against the apparent candidate emerging to challenge Rudy in Florida.

Flap has been saying for months that the GOP campaign will be won or lost with the Florida media war between Giuliani and one or more other candidates.

And, Rudy will go NEGATIVE in Florida – because it works.

Stay tuned…….


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3 Responses to “Rudy Giuliani Watch: Obey the GOP 11th Commandment”
  1. […] Flap says that the Giuliani campaign knows the world does not revolve around Iowa and New Hampshire. By the end of the month Nevada, Florida and Michigan could be locked up in Rudy’s favor and then he would only need to pick up the majority of the eastern seaboard to win. Flap (this guy is an amazing supporter of Rudy) also notes that Rudy is not bothering with negative attacks that the other campaigns have begun using. I believe that while attack ads are sometimes useful, it shows true respect for both your fellow party members and your constituent. My mother always used to say “If you have nothing nice to say don’t say it at all”. Speaking of nothing nice to say, Daily Kos still tries to paint Rudy as some slimeball.   Steve Forbes also was interviewed on behalf of the Giulani  campaign on CNNAlso, it probably isn’t a brilliant idea to say that Rudy would “chase Muslims back to their caves“ if you worked with the Giuliani campaign. It doesn’t really matter what you really said, it’s a bone head move that does not look good for not only Rudy but the whole GOP and conservative base. Staying strong on the War on Terror doesn’t have to include insulting and  isolating a community that has little reason to trust in the Republican Party already.Enjoy your New Year’s everyone.   […]

  2. […] Rudy Giuliani Watch: Obey the GOP 11th Commandment […]

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