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Mayor Giuliani tells Brett Bair of FOX News that his campaign is built for the long haul.

The Rudy Giuliani campaign KNOWS the world does not revolve around Iowa. And, it doesn’t despite what the Washington D.C. pundits and the other GOP campaigns say.

It is the number of pledged delegates to the GOP convention in September 2008 that counts.

As the national press corps have been increasingly focusing on the upcoming Iowa caucuses, Rudy Giuliani–who is largely bypassing the state—has been playing a minor role in the news cycle. He popped up in the Hawkeye State Friday and Saturday but will not be returning to Iowa before the voting begins this Thursday, and plans to spend caucus night in Miami, FL.

One senior campaign official often laments about the need for the media to better understand and report on the new campaign schedule (read: It’s all about the 20+ Feb. 5 states, stupid.)—joking that “it’s time to teach an old dog new tricks.”

Let’s look at some states that will be December/January voting:


  • Open of Absentee Voting: January 7th
  • Open of Early Voting: Not prior to January 7th
  • Mailing of Permanent Absentee Ballots: on or about January 7th
  • Size of Permanent Absentee List (GOP only): 1,477,440
  • Targeted Permanent Absentee Voters Statewide: 817,009
  • Targeted Permanent Absentee Voters in Tier 1 Targeted CD’s: 350,305

Illinois: (Where they are already voting)

  • Open of Absentee Voting: December 29th
  • Close of Absentee Voting: February 5th
  • Open of Early Voting: January 14th
  • Close of Early Voting: January 31st

Florida: Where Floridians are already voting

  • Open of Absentee Voting: December 21st
  • Close of Absentee Voting: January 29th
  • Open of Early Voting: January 14th

Missouri: (where they are already voting)

  • Open of Absentee Voting: December 26th
  • Close of Absentee Voting: February 4th

New Jersey: (where they are already voting)

  • Open of Absentee Voting: December 27th
  • Close of Absentee Voting: February 5th

Isn’t it obvious with large delegate states voting historically earlier than previous why the successful GOP candidate must run a proportionate campaign to maximize voter contact?

Doesn’t this explain why Rudy is currently running national cable television ads and ads in Florida, although Florida’s primary is in late January?

So, does the GOP Presidential world revolve around Iowa (40 delegates) that has one quarter the delegates as California with 173?


And, what good will momentum generated from a few small primary states wins or places do the candidate if the voters in the other states have already voted?

Stay tuned……

Republican presidential hopeful, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, reaches through the audience to shake hands with voter Vernon King, of Ashland, N.H., left, during a campaign stop, in Plymouth, N.H., Sunday, Dec. 30, 2007.


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3 Responses to “Rudy Giuliani Watch: The World Does NOT Revolve Around Iowa”
  1. […] Flap says that the Giuliani campaign knows the world does not revolve around Iowa and New Hampshire. By the end of the month Nevada, Florida and Michigan could be locked up in Rudy’s favor and then he would only need to pick up the majority of the eastern seaboard to win. Flap (this guy is an amazing supporter of Rudy) also notes that Rudy is not bothering with negative attacks that the other campaigns have begun using. I believe that while attack ads are sometimes useful, it shows true respect for both your fellow party members and your constituent. My mother always used to say “If you have nothing nice to say don’t say it at all”. Speaking of nothing nice to say, Daily Kos still tries to paint Rudy as some slimeball.   Steve Forbes also was interviewed on behalf of the Giulani  campaign on CNNAlso, it probably isn’t a brilliant idea to say that Rudy would “chase Muslims back to their caves“ if you worked with the Giuliani campaign. It doesn’t really matter what you really said, it’s a bone head move that does not look good for not only Rudy but the whole GOP and conservative base. Staying strong on the War on Terror doesn’t have to include insulting and  isolating a community that has little reason to trust in the Republican Party already.Enjoy your New Year’s everyone.   […]

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