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Mike Huckabee explains his spike of negative anti-Romney campaign ad in what is now called attack ad bait-and-switch

Mitt Romney in Iowa outside Bill’s pizza responds:

“You know in reaction to the press conference Gov. Huckabee had today, I think that I’d note that I’m running a serious campaign, that there are serious issues that face the country at this time. I want to bring change to Washington — that’s what my campaign is about. The press conference which Gov. Huckabee had today, I think, is confusing to the people of Iowa. On the one hand, he wants to run a positive campaign; and on the other hand, he shows a negative campaign ad and hopes that people promote it and provide it to the public through the earned media. And I think that’s a very confusing and puzzling message. With that, who wants a slice of pizza?”

The national press have “panned” Huckabee’s gambit of pulling his anti-Romney attack ad from Iowa airwaves but will it play to Iowa voters? And, what Flap calls Huckabee’s larger Christian audience – the Evangelicals in South Carolina, Georgia and Florida?

Huckabee may realize that he may well lose to Romney in Iowa but his campaign will live on by helping McCain label Romney as nasty, a violator of Reagan’s 11th Commandment in New Hampshire enabling a Romney loss and then pick up conservative voters when Fred Thompson withdraws.

The GOP Presidential race is a chess match and the pundit has to look beyond an Iowa moment.

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6 Responses to “Mitt Romney Watch: Huckabee – A Very Confusing and Puzzling Message”
  1. There is no one that has run a more negative campaign than Mitt Romney so don’t even go there. That slanderous black baby book crap that wound up in South Carolina Republicans mailboxes over the weekend that Fred Thompson camp has tracked back to those two scuz bags that work for Mitt Romney.

  2. Flap says:

    What Mitt Romney and his campaign forget that after the primary (should he win) he has to unite the rest of the GOP to beat a Democrat.

    This will not happen. His negative acts have alienated everyone.

    Should Romney win the nomination, the Huckabee, McCain, Thompson and Giuliani folks will either support Bloomberg as an independent or sit home.

    Romney looks like a George McGovern loser against Hillary or Obama.

  3. Dennis says:

    God forbid if Romney wins the nomination. He will lose in landslide proportions to the democrat candidtate. If Bloomberg does run, I would either vote for him or leave the presidential portion of my ballot blank.

    However, I can’t believe that republicans could nominate a charlatan like Romney

  4. Flap says:


    I have already written that should Romney receive the GOP nomination that I would re-register as a Decline to State in California – out of the GOP.

    I could never vote for him and would have to choose between the Democrat or Bloomberg. I suspect most of Rudy’s folks would go for Bloomberg.

    Romney may finish third with the Democrat most probably winning.

    So, Iowans, a vote for Mitt is a vote for a Democrat or an Independent.

  5. Ling says:

    Iowa has a rep for electing the most electable nominee. So I wouldn’t bet on Romney to take Iowa. Tell you the truth, if Rudy had spent a bit more time and money in Iowa, he would have taken it in a landslide. As things stand, it’s really difficult to say what’s going to happen…I still say it’s a toss-up between Rudy and McCain.

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