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Rudy Giuliani Economic Advisor David Malpass sat down with CNBC’s Squawk Box to talk about Rudy’s new tax plan. Today in Florida, Rudy will lay out his comprehensive tax plan to cut taxes and help the economy grow, including a plan to allow all Americans to file their taxes on a single sheet of paper while lowering tax rates across all income brackets.

A BIG difference between Rudy Giuliani and John MCain?

John McCain voted against President Bush’s tax cuts and one BIGGER:

….. Giuliani would likely run a far more conventionally conservative presidency across the board than McCain. McCain delights liberals and loves to work with them. Giuliani infuriates liberals and if anything loves sticking it to them….

Rudy is the PERFECT opponent against Hillary Clinton and can lead the GOP to victory in November.

4 Responses to “Rudy Giuliani Watch: A BIG difference Between Rudy and McCain”
  1. Winghunter says:

    Why is it every RINO candidates newly released plans are all beginning to sound and look exactly like Fred’s detailed Flat tax option plan, illegal immigration and everything else he’s offering.

    I guess it takes awhile for Liberals to catch on to what conservatives actually value.

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  2. Flap says:

    Fred, I love campaign finance reform and every lobbyist Thompson is a true conservative?

    All of the candidates have their strengths and weaknesses in certain branches of conservatism.

    Fred above all of the rest is just a weak candidate with no energy.

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  3. Dennis says:


    I am sure you’ve seen the report that Romney has dropped his TV ads in South Carolina and Florida. The article hints that Romney’s personal investment in the campaign has been staggering.

    I thought he was supposed to be such a great business man. It looks like he made a very bad investment this time.

  4. Flap says:

    I just finished my daily 5K and just got back into reading.

    Yes, this is interesting. I once ran in a campaign (a losing one) where I invested a bunch of personal money. Sometimes you have to figure folks are telling you something if they will not invest in your candidacy.

    If Romney wins in Michigan or comes close he probably stays in through Super Tuesday.

    He may stay in all the way anyway, not campaign or spend money and hope for a brokered convention – which is possible.

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