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Republican presidential candidate, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, right, shakes hands with Florida Governor Charlie Crist during a campaign stop, Thursday, Jan. 17, 2008, in Tallahassee, Fla.

From Flap’s e-mail box, an independent fundraising effort to support America’s Mayor:

DRIVE2FIVE Rudy Fundraiser

Help give Rudy the resources he needs to be victorious on February 5th and win the Republican nomination! Click on the buttons below to make your contribution or join Team Rudy. Encourage your friends to participate too. The more people who sign up to help the more speed Rudy can build up to cross the finish line.

Rudy is doing so well in Florida that the enthusiasm generated there needs to be carried into other states that are voting on the 5th of February. Click on the links above to join with other members of the Rudy grassroots to become part of the Drive2Five fundraiser and a member of Team Rudy. When you donate, you will see your first name and location and know you are part of an effort across America to help elect Rudy Giuliani as our President in 2008.

While on the Drive2Five page to donate or Join Team Rudy, be sure and leave your comment on why you support Rudy. Click on any push pin on the map and find what others are saying about their support for Rudy.

Please help Rudy get his message out by donating today at



P.S. Please forward this email to your family and friends; whatever you can do to help spread the word for Rudy’s Drive2Five fundraiser will be greatly appreciated.


If Ron Paul can raise millions why can’t Giuliani supporters nationwide? This is not a solicitation by the Rudy Giuliani Presidential Campaign Committee but an independent grassroots effort by supporters.

Give what you can and give often.

Flap knows you will be glad you did.

5 Responses to “Drive to Five Rudy Giuliani Fundraising”
  1. […] Go here and help Rudy. by Flap @ 7:26 pm. Filed under Fundraising, Campaign 2008   [Trackback URL]  [link] Trackback URL for this post: […]

  2. […] Go here click the donation buttons, volunteer and support the independent effort to raise funds for the Giuliani campaign. […]

  3. […] Go here click the donation buttons, volunteer and support the independent effort to raise funds for the Giuliani campaign. […]

  4. Fred Thoede says:

    Mr. Guliani.
    I am an upper middle class white male from the deep south. I would like to support you for President, but frankly Mr.Guliani I have not seen anything worth supporting.
    I think it’s high time you get off your ass, if you want any possible chance of being a viable candidate.

    Thank You,

    Fred Thoede

  5. Flap says:


    What state and when is your primary election?

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