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Republican presidential hopeful, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, right, hands an easy button to his press secretary Eric Fehrnstrom during a media availability at a Staples store in Columbia, S.C., Thursday, Jan. 17, 2008.

Mitt Romney shows his nasty side (remember those anti-Huckabee Iowa ads) along with his press secretary in this just released video here over at CBS. In the video, an argument ensues between Romney and AP reporter Glen Johnson.

Remember Mitt the old adage about picking fights with folks that buy ink by the barrel?

As the facts turn out both John McCain and Mitt Romney have former or current lobbyists in senior positions in their campaigns.

6 Responses to “Mitt Romney Clashes With AP Reporter Over Lobbyist Campaign Adviser”
  1. Kate says:

    I hope people will wake up and finally start seeing through all the “gloss” that Mitt’s money have bought. He hasn’t spent those millions on politics for the American people, but due to his own HUGE ambition. If the Democrats want to win, Romney needs to be the one they go against… even as a lifetime Republican I’d never vote for him. The only candidate that seems to have ANY integrity in this race and consistancy in voting is Ron Paul.

  2. Charles says:

    The only reason for being for lobbyists is to bribe politicians to push their agendas. It is way past time for the voters of this country to demand that politicians eliminate lobbyists.

  3. Chad Hastings says:

    This report above is simply not true. See


    The lobbyist you refer to is an unpaid ADVISOR who is not on Mitt Romney’s Senior advisor staff!!! Please, before you write your nonsense on a blog spewing forth untruths as fact…do a little research.

    Mitt told the truth.

    You lied.

  4. Chad Hastings says:

    Please do a little research yourself before you believe these liberal pundits. Don’t you realize by now that the media is full of biased reporting.

  5. Flap says:

    Another Romney spin and lie…..

    Why does Mitt have such problems with the truth….

  6. Charles says:

    How do you think lobbyists make living if the are not getting paid? Lobbyists pay the politician, politicians do not pay lobbyist.

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