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Ron Paul Watch: The Fantasy of a Revolution


As Ron Paul returns to run in his GOP dominated Texas Congressional District there is talk of a permanent Ron Paul revolution after this November.

Paul has raised $400,000 for the TX-14 race, Benton said. Paul cannot use his presidential funds for congressional primary, since he has not withdrawn. The campaign has about $5 million on hand for the presidential race, Benton said.

Paul’s goal, Benton added, is to get a substantial delegation to convention (they estimate they’ll have about 42 delegates) get a good speaking spot, and “spread the conservative message.”

On the $5 million, Benton said, “We’re not looking to take any with us. We’re going to spend it on what donors contributed it for.” Even though he said they’re “looking to spend every dime on the presidential race,” he acknowledged that there is certainly an “organization that has been built out of this campaign” that they will use after the presidential race, including their more than 300,000-person e-mail list.

In the meantime, BITCH SLAPS Paulites back to reality.


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