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United States Representative Laura Richardson (D-California) was officially sworn into office on Tuesday, September 4, 2007 to represent California’s 37th Congressional District.

The story Representative Laura Richardson is telling regarding her foreclosed Sacramento area house is NOT jiving with the public records.

A Long Beach congresswoman who fell behind lin her payments on a $535,000 mortgage in Sacramento said in a written statement that she owns the home, but financial documents show the house was sold at public auction and has been in the possession of the buyer for weeks.

The auction for Rep. Laura Richardson’s house, in Sacramento’s Curtis Park neighborhood, took place on May 7. The transaction was detailed in public records filed with the county.

Congresswoman, what the frak is going on with this home?

You know, the one you NO LONGER own.

If Flap were Washington Mutual (the mortgage holder) who lost over $200K on this foreclosure and Sacramento County (property tax collector), I would be suing her ass for every penny she transfers back from her campaign account.

Richardson, in the meantime, has worked a pretty good deal. She has been elected to a safe (lifetime tenure) African American seat in a Los Angeles area Congressional district, where she reaps campaign contributions from many special interests, including area defense contractors and unions. She walks away from this home and lets the lender, Washington Mutual, take the loss.

To pay for her campaign expenses and personal loan debt to HER OWN campaign she collects additional campaign contributions AFTER Washington Mutual forecloses on her equity strapped Sacramento property and takes the loss.

Her credit score takes a hit but she is an elected Member of Congress with a steady and sizable income. Richardson pays herself back from campaign contributions she accumulates over the course of her election year campaign.

But, now, she is seemingly lying over these shady transactions. It REALLY is transparent as to what she has done.

Is this kind of behavior Californians want from their members of Congress?


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