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Barack Obama Watch: Release the Birth Certificate

Barack Obama

Much of his convention speech, and the subject of his 1995 memoir “Dreams From My Father,” focused on his diverse family. Born in Hawaii on Aug. 4, 1961, Obama was the son of a mother from Kansas and a father from Kenya who left to study economics at Harvard, and then returned to Kenya, seeing his son just once afterwards. Obama was raised by his mother’s parents. In 2006, he visited his father’s mother in Kenya.

Since Team Obama hounded Cindy McCain to release her tax returns at the very least Team Obama should be willing to release Barack’s Hawaii birth certificate. They are not public in Hawaii.

And, he could place these rumors to rest:

  • Obama was born in Kenya and not a “natural born citizen” as the US. Constitution requires for the Presidency
  • Obama’s middle name is not “Hussein” but “Muhammad”
  • Is his REAL name Barack or Barry?

In all honesty, releasing and publicly disclosing a certified copy of your birth certificate should be routine when running for the Presidency.

Why the delay?

There REALLY is no excuse.

7 thoughts on “Barack Obama Watch: Release the Birth Certificate

  1. From comments in his book, Dreams of My Father, it is highly probable that Obama’s parents never married.

    Obama wrote that he has never had the courage to look up the records.

  2. He released the birth certificate, and all your rumours are false. Just like all the other unsubstantiated rumours that get spread about him.

    So give it a rest.

  3. If Obama had release his birth certificate in the first place then there would not be any speculation, now would there be?

    And I deleted your link to Obama’s anti-smear web site since it is irrelevant here.

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