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Iran Nuclear Watch: Ahmadinejad Taunts Bush

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, clinches his fist, as he delivers a speech in a public gathering at the city of Shahr-E- Kord, some 330 miles (550 kilometers) south of the capital Tehran, Iran, Wednesday, June 11, 2008. Ahmadinejad said Wednesday that U.S. President George W. Bush’s era ‘has come to an end’ and he has failed in his goals to attack Iran and stop its nuclear program

Iran President Ahmadinejad is correct in taunting President Bush. President Bush has done NOTHING but talk about Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon.

“It’s Bush’s dream to harm Iran’s nation,” Ahmadinejad
said today during a televised speech in the western Iranian city
of Shahre Kord. “You thought you would be able to do something
but your term came to an end and you will not be capable of
harming even 1 centimeter of Iran’s sacred land.”

Iran won’t stop its nuclear work, Ahmadinejad stressed.

“You think that you can force the Iranian nation to back
down from its legitimate rights through threats and pressures,”
Iran’s state-run Islamic Republic News Agency cited Ahmadinejad
as saying today in another speech, in the western town of Sefid
Dasht. He added, “The Iranian nation will not retreat even 1

The European Union who is threatened directly by Iran continues to insist on negotiations and China and Russia, Iran’s oil business partners, block the United Nations Security Council.

So, there will be either a military intervention by Israel and the United States or Iran will achieve its goal of becoming a nuclear weapon possessing country.

Flap cannot believe that President George W. Bush “punted” on this issue.

But, he did.


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  • Joe Takkle

    I think a war with Iran is plausible, but highly unlikely. The US is still fighting wars in two countries: Afghanistan and Iraq, and neither war is ending any time soon. Granted against an actual armed force, America is one of the best armies in the world, but a conflict in Iran would just lead to more guerrilla tactics, which conventional warfare has proven ineffective against. However there are a number of other reasons a war is unlikely. A large section of the Iranian populace is against Ahmadinejad. The man is an unpopular leader, similar to what we have in the states. Lastly, America doesn’t have the capacity to fight a third war without initiating a draft, which would be political suicide for whomever is in charge.

    I agree, Ahmadinejad is a complete nut that needs to be stopped, but we messed up the last time we had this issue (Hussein), and at this point in time, can’t afford another.

  • Flap

    When troops are drawn down from Iraq and thus are no longer a target for Iranian conventional missiles, the US and Israel could undertake a blockade of the gulf and embargo gasoline to Iran (since they import it).

    However, the Europeans don’t want to confront them so for the time being there will be meaningless sanctions and Iran gets the “bomb.”

  • Joe Takkle

    The Europeans need to start acting on the threat Islamic radicals pose to their countries. Not just from nations like Iran and Syria, but from inside as well. They have let far too many in, and instead of becoming acclimated to that nation, the Muslims are more bubbles of their past lives living in a different country. Give it time, and nation’s like the Netherlands will begin to strike out more, but I fear it may be too little too late by then.

  • sandra

    if the west or israel attacks iran,muslim radicals will make the world very unsafe .just like the iraq war did but whatever muslim allies the west has it will loose and will have to fight a war it can not win.and alot more muslims will become radicals. diplomacy is the only way to achive a nuclear free iran. threats and bombs will only encourage iran to seek a nuclear deterent. cause no one messes with a country with nuclear arms. al queda must be loving these tactics because they couldn’t have a better recruitting sargent than g.w.bush and his policies. just look at how may radial muslims there are now compared to before USA attacked iraq.

  • Flap


    If Iran persists in uranium enrichment all I see are more Arab dead trough endless wars and nuclear proliferation.

    The Iraq War is nothng compared to the nuclear holocaust that Iran would unleash on its Sunni neighbors.

  • sandra

    what proof is there that iran would go to war. its all ‘suspected’,’could’ and colorful terms to describe things which are not proven. this war on terror is a war on language as well.iran was attacked by iraq for nearly a decade and finally won that war and then agreed to peace without occuping the country. so i don’t agrree that iran is a ‘mad dog state’ wanting to dominate the middle east.recent history has shown that. the only reason iran would want nuclear weapons is as a deterant from attack from israel and if iran is attacked then i would say it will rapidly pursue these weapons it does not yet have or need.

  • Flap

    I thought Iran was not pursuing nuclear weapons?

    Now they are to protect themselves from the USA and Israel. So, Iran is lying?

  • sandra

    iran has no WMD. there is only speculation.nothing is proven. you go on as if iran has these weapons and is intending to take over the region.
    all i’m saying is by attacking iran over speculation will surely motivate iran to acquire these weapons.

  • Flap

    Of course Iran has WMD except no nuclear weapons yet. Missiles and chemical warheads are plentiful.

    Iran desires hegemony over its Sunni neighbors particularly Saudi Arabia.

    Israel and the USA will only attack Iran at a last resort to prevent them from developing a nuke.

    Today there is a report out that Iran may stop uranium enrichment and capitulate. Did you see it?

  • sandra

    sorry i meant nuclear type weapons.
    iran does desire dominance over some of its neighbours ,but to go to war i see no evidence. it was irans neighbours,iraq with saudi dollars that invaded iran in the first gulf war in which WMD helped killed millions.they were the days when sadsdam hussien was USA bad guy in the midle east and tollerated his war crimes even helped him.iran won that war really but then made peace.
    please research ‘Clean Break’ paper written in 1996 and take note of the authors and supporters of it. then you’ll understand USA[conservatives] middle east policies and goals.
    no, but there is so much propoganda being peddled in the media it has become a sewer, and to sort fact from fiction is getting harder.thank god for the internet.