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Jodie Evans of Code Pink – Another Left Wing Radical for Barack Obama

Jodie Evans being arrested at the Republican National Committee, September 2, 2004


Another LEFTY RADICAL is raising money for Barack Obama.

A co-founder of the anti-war group Code Pink, which has made a name for itself by interrupting hearings on Capitol Hill, is a fundraising bundler for Barack Obama.

Jodie Evans has pledged to raise at least $50,000 for Obama, according the Democrat’s campaign site.

According to research being circulated by GOP sources, Evans has a record of inflammatory statements such as saying that women were better off in Iraq under Saddam Hussein, “Men are dying in their Hummers in Iraq so you can drive around in yours” and, my favorite, that the invasion of Iraq amounted to “global testosterone poisoning.”

Ed Morrissey has a lot MORE.

Listen to Evans on Osama Bin Laden:

Is this type of radical Obama wants associated with his campaign? And, raising money for HIS CAMPAIGN?

Obviously, the associations are starting to pile up for the Senator who is the “most liberal” in the United States Senate.

Bill Ayers

Bernardine Dohrn

Father Michael Pfleger

Jeremiah Wright

Look at this photo:

Cindy Sheehan, Jodie Evans, Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and Medea Benjamin, January 28, 2006

Maybe Obama should just form a campaign group – VIOLENT RADICALS FOR OBAMA and be done with it?

What does this say about Obama’s character and judgment. Is this who the American people want cavorting around the White House with the President of the United States?

7 thoughts on “Jodie Evans of Code Pink – Another Left Wing Radical for Barack Obama

  1. The picture showing the three malcontented anti-american, anti-logical misfits with the extortionist and monster from Venequela should be proof enough of how far the left wing liberals ‘nesting’ in the United States will go to exhibit their displeasure with the country which provides them security and freedoms unlike any other nation on this planet. Anyone who would stand and pose with a diabolical emperor who ravages his people and shows his hatred for America, exhibit their hatred for their country and their willingness to associate themselves with villans and barbarians.
    Congratulations to all left wing radicals, those who ‘speak’ for your kind and those who associate with sick minded evil doers have all of you positioned together as mental midgets and haters of human kind.
    Good Job! keep it up, you will eventually make everyone believe how sick all of you really are, and eventually all that is good in our country will overcome the evils practiced by the left wing radicals including their media.

  2. I like the fact they now know that Obama can not pull all the troops out. I would love to hear what they say in private now that he says 50,000 troops will stay in Iraq. No matter who is in office it seems like they all do the same.

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  4. I think she is just trying to express her opinion. And since we are on a democratic country, I think there is nothing wrong with that.

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