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Michael Ramirez on Oil Exploration

In a policy change, John McCain now says states should be allowed to permit oil drilling off of their shores.

He said that in the coming weeks, he would be focusing on “America’s energy crisis” – the country’s dependence on foreign oil. Tomorrow he will call for the lifting of “the federal moratorium on states that choose to permit exploration.”

“We must embark on a national mission to eliminate our dependence on foreign oil… exploration is a step toward the longer-term goal.” The candidate repeated his advocacy of a federal gas tax holiday.

Asked about the offshore drilling, McCain responded, “Right now there’s a moratorium, and they have to be lifted. I’m not dictating to the states that they drill for oil. I’m saying the moratorium should be lifted so states can choose that option if they want to.” He added that the situation might require “additional incentives… in terms of tangible financial rewards” to states that permit drilling. He said he didn’t have a particular position at this point on an appropriate distance from the coast for offshore drilling.

But, what about ANWR?

Campaign Carl Cameron: Is lifting moratoria a way of addressing conservative irritation with your position
on ANWR?

McCain: “I believe ANWR is a pristine area… but I also believe lifting the moratorium on offshore drilling for oil and natural gas is a very high priority.”

Not so much…….

John McCain MUST change his position on oil exploration. IT is a national security issue and his thinking like the Democrat’s and Obama’s is anachronistic.

America would NOT be in the mess it is in regarding dependence on foreign oil if there had been REAL leadership over the past few decades.

2 Responses to “John McCain Watch: OK for States to Permit Oil Drilling Offshore”
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  2. Cbrogan10 says:

    Oil field workers across the middle east are going home as fast as they can. That means no oil be pumped and no,oil being shipped to the rest of the world. At home it means prices will go way up not just for gas & oil but all every other industry, service, food etc.
    All restrictions on the oil & gas industry must be immediately lifted so we won’t fall into the biggest economic and social depression in history. This is also a priority national security situation. If the politicans don’t fix it and quick they should be impeached. Sadly that won’t happen.
    I wonder if the several soverign states can overrule their incompetient agent the federal govt?

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