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Tony Strickland Watch: Fundraiser Exceeds Expectations

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Pro GOP Tony Strickland Supporters June 17, 2008

From the press release:

Last night, featured speaker Mitt Romney addressed a packed room of close to five hundred donors and supporters of Tony Strickland at the State Senate candidate’s highly anticipated fundraiser in Westlake Village. The event, which highlighted the importance of the 19th District Senate race, surpassed the original fundraising goal of $200,000 and took in nearly a quarter-million dollars.

The sold out event was an overwhelming success for Strickland and continues the trend of strong and growing support for his campaign. With only two days to prepare, the Strickland team was also able to organize a successful pushback to a protest at the event that had been planned for over a week and included between 30-40 people. At 92 supporters strong, the pro-Strickland crowd more than doubled that of the protest demonstration as they lined the streets with American flags and signs showing their support for Tony Strickland and welcoming Governor Romney to California.

Strickland’s opponent also didn’t escape the wrath of supporters as they carried signs slamming her tax and spend positions and exposed the hypocritical nature of contributions received by Hannah-Beth Jackson and the democratic party.

This California State Senate race may become the most costly in California history. Team Strickland has already announced that they have raised over $ 1 million for the race.

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