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Michael Tenenbaum Watch: The California State Bar Flap


Westlake Village Attorney Michael Tenenbaum

GOP Attorney and twice defeated California 24th Congressional District candidate Michael Tenenbaum is embroiled in a FLAP regarding his recent election to the California State Bar’s Board of Governors.

Business attorney Michael Tenenbaum beat out his two opponents for a seat on the state bar’s Board of Governors. But he may not have been eligible for the seat.

A committee is being put together to investigate allegations that Tenenbaum’s principal office isn’t located in the District 6, a requirement to be eligible for the seat under the State Bar Act, the Metropolitan News-Enterprise reported.

The district includes Riverside, San Bernardino, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. Tenenbaum beat Redlands attorney Bryan Hartnell by a little over 100 votes, MetNews reported.

Flap has learned from an excellent, albeit anonymous source that Michael Tenenbaum’s office address as he is registered at the California State Bar is indeed a post office box.

Here is a screen shot of his California Bar registration:


And,note this is the same address of The Mail Stop which has the same address except for the office, Flap means post office box number.


Michael Tenenbaum at his Congressional website emphasizes his strong roots in Ventura County.

And, in order to run for Congress Tenenbaum is NOT required to live or work in the Congressional District for which he ran.

But, the California State Bar rules are different.

Where exactly does Michael Tenenbaum practice law? Where does he live?

Flap and the California Bar want to know.

Stay tuned……..


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