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Ahmadinejad on the Jewish People – No Problems

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on CNN’s Larry King Show

Iran’s President has no problems with Jews. After all there are Jews in Iran. At least this is better than homosexuals because according to Ahmadinejad last year there are no homosexuals in Iran.

How ridiculous. The largest group of Jews from Persia are found in Israel and we all know what Iran’s President thinks about Israel. The current Jewish population in Iran is only about 25,000 people.

But, didn’t Ahmadinejad say a few years ago that Israel should be “wiped off the map?”

A good treatise about Jews in Iran and Shi’ite Iran’s Genocidal Jew Hatred can be read at the American Thinker.

Since 1979, the restored Iranian theocracy — in parallel with returning, brutally, their small remnant Jewish community to a state of obsequious dhimmitude, through execution and intimidation — has always focused its obsessive anti-Jewish animus on the autonomous Jewish state of Israel. For current Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the destruction of Israel is an openly avowed policy, driven by his eschatological beliefs. Mohammad Hassan Rahimian, representative of the Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, summarized this annihilationist eschatology, redolent with Koranic Jew hatred (see Koran 5:82)-which pertains to Jews, generally, not “Zionists”-on November 16, 2006, stating: “The Jew is the most obstinate enemy (Koran 5:82) of the devout. And the main war will determine the destiny of mankind….. The reappearance of the Twelfth Imam will lead to a war between Israel and the Shia.”

19 thoughts on “Ahmadinejad on the Jewish People – No Problems

  1. Ah-wanna-jihad is a criminal from a criminally staffed government that is oppressing its people with some people stuck on one religous book. He has valid points with some of his thoughts, but still all of it is a distracting ploy from the job his government is doing on innocent Iranian public back at Iran where Iranians’ revolution for freedom was stolen by some religious morons. If Iranians in exile and people all of the world knew the extend of Islamic Republic’s crimes in Iran, they would hurry to people’s rescue there who are suffering under a government as brutal as communist East Germany of past. His interview was just arguing and point weakness here and there of a criminal mind.
    An Iranian

  2. @1 Hahahaha

    And, who is the writer of the Iran Affairs blog?

    Dr. Safdari used to be the newsletter editor of the International Institute for Caspian Studies.

    A quick perusal of the website of the International Institute of Caspian Studies shows it to be headquartered in Tehran, and to be an organization given to parroting the official positions of the Iranian government.

    Now, Sassinfras, aren’t you a plant by the Iranian Mullahs hiding behind an IP proxy?

    Come on now, be honest.

  3. Dr Safdari is quoting sources from the West not Iran. Don’t shoot the messenger.
    And incidentally, he lives in New York

  4. Not really the point. Ahmadinejad says like with homosexuals there are no problems and there are.

    But, you spout the Mullah line so what shall we expect.

  5. if its true its true. facts are facts and not zionist or arab radical spin.
    i think the iranians will go for a big PR drive to discredit g w bush administration and shine the light on the whole of zionism , and how israel is a liability to USA. that is why ahmadinejad in his larry king interview talked about americans loosing their homes and the dollars wasted in foreign lands [iraq and afganistan].
    i also think that the israeli lobby is truly in a uproar of that interview with larry king, because ahmadinejad said some valid points which will get americans to really think, and there will be some backlash against larry king or CNN by this lobby group. i bet you’ll also see a huge campain by the zionist against iran and the scaremongering will increase ten fold. and in the end the irainian will be back at square one, cause you can not beat the zionist PR machine and any one leader who truely does want to solve this mess will be labelled a anti semitic[ which is the zionist biggest and most successful weapon] and surrender to the israeli line.

  6. Sassinfras what is a patner anyway?
    Oh by the way…just found out there is going to a investagation into the wrong doings of Fanny Mae TOP 4 Names on the list
    ( I will gfive you time to guess)

  7. so why does USA call itself a peace partner [arbitrator] for peace. USA should say we solely support the israel view and the arabs can have the scraps from israels plate. america supports israels human right abuses, america supports israels arrogance against any UN resolutions israel doesn’t like. america supports land theft of palestinian land which is against international law and doesn’t support palestinians right to self determination. america supports the illegal occupation of arab land. and all this is true, yet we keep on hearing peace patner. the second USA has nothing to do with the peace process there may be progress.

  8. Sassinfras
    Let me tell you a true story. When I was in College, Harlingston England; I meet a wonderful person and good friend who was from Iran. He brought great warmth and joy to many friends with his wit and charm. One day we all came back to our rooms to find our dear friend shaken and in tears. His Dad was arrested for speaking out against his Government. He was arrrested and no one knew where he was taken. We tried to comfort him the best that we could, but being young and not sure of what was going on around us
    in this big world I felt little knowledge and advice to give. All I had to offer were prayers. Two weeks later he recieved news His entire family (Parents, Grandparents, Brothers, Sister and etc.) was shot, and He too would be shot if he returned to his home in Iran.
    This touched us all deeply, You see our friend ended his life before graduation.
    IF you and others seriously feel we are thevies and don’t understand Palestinians right to PEACE, than you really are living with your head in a hole in the sand. Its time you take a trip overseas and check things out for yourself. In fact why not just move there.

  9. i have checked palestine out and was shocked by the way they live. how one countries success as been at another expence. have you ever seen a home demolished by a israeli bulldozer for ‘surcurity reasons’ with only a couple minutes warning for the residence. have you ever seen the poverty in palestine and how oppressed these people are and how desperate they are for peace. you must remember that the palestinians have let the israeli have over 70% of a land that was 100% theirs. all these people want is a country on 28% of their land but the zionist want it all. there are the myths about israel [which most americans believe] and there are the facts which have been ignore for far too long.
    the mad mullas of iran are a very bad lot ,just as bad as the ‘shah’ before him, which america supported. it was britian and america which destroyed democracy in iran, with operation ajax.. but you cannot ignore israels crimes while condemning the arab ones. fairs fair. also you can not support a tyrant who has USA at heart while condemning a tyrant who doesn’t. a tyrant is a tyrant.

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