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Sarah Palin Watch: Debunking the Wasilla Rape Kit Charges

rape kit

A sample Rape Kit (click graphic to enlarge)

Another Left- Wing fisking of a Sarah Palin hit job. This time from Jim Geraghty.

Key Graph:

Palin spokeswoman Maria Comella told USA Today in an e-mail that the governor “does not believe, nor has she ever believed, that rape victims should have to pay for an evidence-gathering test.”

Another lie about Sarah Palin.

Fancy that……

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26 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Watch: Debunking the Wasilla Rape Kit Charges

  1. For one it is Geraghty – spell it right and a link from the Daily Kos.

    Give me a break.

    I read the first few paragraphs quoting the Alaska Dems – wow that is exciting.

  2. Thank you for correcting my typo. By the way, it’s “from the Daily Kos,” not “form the Daily Kos.”

    “Quoting the Alaska Dems,” huh? Care to say exactly where? All I see are quotes from Geraghty himself, and the committee hearings he himself relies on. And a few newspaper quotes.

    I guess you do need a break.

  3. I did look in the piece. That’s why I asked you to point out the paragraphs you were talking about.

    No one can stop you from banning people you disagree with, but it doesn’t seem to make for a very enlightening discussion.

  4. Try here:

    This is the piece Geraghty is referencing.

    The entire Flap is contrived by the Alaska Democrat Party and former Democrat Alaska Governor Tony Knowles whose ass Palin kicked in the Alaska Governor’s race in 2006.

    Sorry nothing is there. But, then again you left wing nutters don’t care about the facts – just the smear.

    The Kos piece proves nothing except how idiotic the whole flap is.

  5. Thanks, I have read the USA Today piece.

    I’ve also read the Geraghty piece. It’s full of bad information, as pointed out in the Daily Kos piece.

  6. Thanks, I’ve read both those pieces, and they both miss the point.

    Hospitals get paid for performing forensic exams. As pointed out in the committee hearings on the Alaska bill, police agencies almost always paid the bill. But sometimes they didn’t. And Wasilla’s policy was not to pay the bill.

    That is an undisputed fact.

    The other undisputed fact is that the state legislature was completely aware that hospitals did the billing and the bill often went to the insurer. They specifically did not want the victim to have to see the charge on the insurance bill (aside from the fact the victim still had to pay the deductible.)

    The bloggers you link to don’t seem to get this. Instead the dance around the false issue of whether the police departments sent a bill to the victim.

    Too bad you didn’t read the DKos piece a little closer. It linked to the committee hearing minutes that explained all of this. And the bill itself.

  7. Read through the Confederate Yankee comment thread and the links to the Alaska committee hearings.


    But, how this has anything to do with Sarah Palin is beyond the pale. There is NO evidence that Palin was aware of the charging (if there was any) or implemented it while she was Mayor of Wasilla. She denies it by the way.

    This entire discussion has been out in the blogosphere for more than a week now and it is the LEFT making charges and backing up their wild eyed conclusions with no facts or evidence.

    Again, I refer you to the comments thread at Confederate Yankee:

  8. Thanks, I’ve read through the CY comment thread (both of them) as well as the minutes for all of the hearings on the bill.

    That’s why I stand by my prior comment.

    I have no idea whether Palin implemented the “no pay” policy or personally approved of it. She did have oversight responsibility for the policies of the police department, and that is one policy that changed when she fired the original chief and she brought in another one. She also reviewed and signed the budget for the department.

    Palin’s spokeswoman says Palin would never require a victim to be charged for an “evidence-gathering test.” I don’t know if she is including insurance billing within that concept. Also, as a side issue, the forensic exam involved more than mere “evidence-gathering,” as can be seen by the bill – it also included emergency contraception. Palin is on record (as is the group to which she belongs or belonged, Feminists for Life) as opposing the use of an abortifacient in cases of rape.

    I do not know if that means she had a personal agenda. For all I know she didn’t oppose the provision of full services in a forensic exam. I do know that it “non-payment” was the policy of the police department during her tenure, including the time the legislation was being introduced, debated, voted on, and implemented. And even then her police chief was on record as opposing it.

  9. But, again you cannot tie any of this to Sarah Palin as I said in #12 above.

    There is NO evidence that Palin was aware of the charging (if there was any) or implemented it while she was Mayor of Wasilla. She denies it by the way.

    This is just another left-wing debunked smear attempt of Sarah Palin. #72 here:

    Sorry, but @Kos nor you have proven your case and are just repeating/spinning facts to draw your own slanted conclusions.

  10. If you are saying that she was unaware of a policy implemented by a police chief she hired, who changed the prior chief’s policy, who submitted budgets for her approval, and who publicly announced that policy in disagreement with the state legislature ….

    I suppose that makes her one negligent executive.

  11. You are becoming just noise and the discussion boring.

    If you have anything new or breaking on this topic I will discuss it. Otherwise not…..

  12. Frozen dildo I have always told my children …If you feel you have to use fowl language to get your point across, that only shows one thing.
    You are not intelligent to be speaking on this matter.

  13. And the reason you removed my comment?

    It had no foul language and no personal insults. Just an observation that if that facts are there they should be easy to post.

    Or do you just delete the comments you disagree with?

  14. @23

    As I said before, apparently a couple of comments were deleted inadvertently since I was away and reading them on my cell phone, if you have any additional arguments present them but to continually rehash the same stuff is counter-productive and a waste of everyone’s time.

    Because of this troll-like behavior, I have placed you in comment moderation.

    If you wish to continue to comment here then less noise and more argument.

    Also, please note your attempt to avoid moderation and post #23 is not appreciated.

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