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 Our Opinion: Can you trust Jackson in Sacramento?


 October 15, 2008 8:07 AM 

Hannah-Beth Jackson is trying to run away from much of her past. Ms. Jackson was known during her years in the statehouse as so extremely partisan and off-putting that even some fellow Democrats, locally and in Sacramento, wanted her out of politics.

But now, amazingly, Ms. Jackson is trying to portray herself as an independent in her run for the state Senate against Tony Strickland. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Ms. Jackson — who earned the title of Taxin’ Jackson — also is attempting to revise history and suggest she didn’t support one idea after the next to increase your taxes.

Now comes word that Ms. Jackson is trying to rewrite the circumstances regarding her participation in a scheme in 2003 to delay passage of the state budget for political gain.

Think back to that summer when Assemblywoman Hannah-Beth Jackson showed up at the county Board of Supervisors meeting to criticize the GOP’s no-new-tax stand and, in her view, that party’s partisanship at the expense of compromise.

It was just more grandstanding and hypocrisy from Ms. Jackson.

Days later, a broadcasting system in the Capitol building aired budget discussions by a group of 11 Democratic Assembly members that included Ms. Jackson. A staff member interrupted the legislators by saying: “Excuse me, guys, you can be heard outside.”

A report in the San Francisco Chronicle stated: “Members of the Assembly Democrats’ progressive caucus were heard making candid, if not intemperate, statements . . . that they may want to ‘precipitate a crisis’ over the budget this year.” The L.A. Daily News noted that the Democrats “speculated that the continuing deadlock over the state budget could benefit their party politically by slowing the drive to recall Gov. Gray Davis.”

At a recent candidates debate in Ventura, Ms. Jackson tried to distance herself from all this by saying there was no secret meeting, according to reports. The Strickland campaign notes: “Hannah-Beth Jackson thinks that when she says something, it’s true. This time, her denials are more hollow than usual. Taxin’ Jackson must have forgotten the news coverage of the now infamous ‘Squawk Box’ recording. In this meeting, Democrats inadvertently had microphones transmitting their secret plans to hold up the budget and to blame the Republicans in hope of gaining a political advantage.”

On top of these apparent lies or distortions about her past, Ms. Jackson has further damaged her reputation by over-the-top mud-slinging against Mr. Strickland.

Voters must ask themselves: Do you have enough trust and confidence in Ms. Jackson to give her a job in Sacramento?


The answer is NO.

Tony Strickland for California State Senate, District 19.


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