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In an appearance at the 2008 Log Cabin Republicans National Convention in San Diego, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA) pledges to fight a proposed anti-gay marriage amendment.

Andrew Sullivan is bitchin’ and moanin’ that Arnold is NOT doing enough to defeat California’s Proposition 8 Protect Traditional Marriage Consitutional amendment.

He opposes it but hasn’t gone beyond his statement to Patrick Sammon: ….But he isn’t fighting against it. And he needs to.

Actually, Arnold is UNPOPULAR in California because of his failure to control the Democrat Legislature in spending California blind and California Republicans have no use for his post-partisan BS leadership style.

Schwarznenegger has spent $ millions in supporting Proposition 11, the Voters FIRST Act, a California redistricting initiative. The Governor needs GOP votes to pass this measure and doing anything for gay marriage will ABSOLUTELY sink Proposition 11.

Arnold may still cut some ads for Proposition 8, the Protect Traditional Marriage Consitutional Amendment but don’t count on alot. And, with Proposition 8 up in the polls who knows if Schwarzenegger will even do that?

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