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Latest Yes on Proposition 8 television ad: It’s Already Happened

The latest California Survey USA poll has the YES on California Proposition 8, Protect Traditional Marriage Constitutional amendment winning.

In a vote today, 10/17/08, on California’s Proposition 8 Ballot Initiative, which would change California’s constitution to eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry, approximately half the state supports the measure, half the state opposes the measure, according to this latest SurveyUSA poll conducted for KABC-TV Los Angeles, KPIX-TV San Francisco, KGTV-TV San Diego, and KFSN-TV Fresno. The exact findings are: ‘Yes’ (to change the law) 48%, ‘No’ (to leave the law alone) 45%. But: polling on ballot measures in general is an inexact science, and polling on homosexuality in general is a tricky business, so SurveyUSA urges all who examine these results to not put too fine a point on the 3 points that separate “Yes” and “No” today. In 3 SurveyUSA tracking polls over the past month, Proposition 8 has been fiercely fought, and effectively even, all 3 times. “No” nominally led by 5 points on 09/25/08. “Yes” nominally led by 5 points on 10/06/08. The movement from 10/06/08 to today is not necessarily statistically significant.

Here is the survey chart:


The exit question: Is there a Bradley effect on homosexual and gay marriage polling?

In other words, when asked survey questions are California voters reluctant to reveal their true opinions on the idea of traditional marriage whereas will vote their “TRUE” conscience once in the voting booth?

If this is the case, then California Proposition 8 may be winning by an even larger margin.

Stay tuned……

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15 Responses to “Yes On California Proposition 8 – Protect Traditional Marriage Leading in Latest Polls”
  1. Paula says:

    I wonder what the polls would look like if we asked about what is really at stake–changing the definition of marriage as a union between a man and a woman that has existed in every society in every era of time to something different. We’ve made the issue so convoluted, but Yes on 8 means marriage is marriage, a man and a woman, what it has always been. No on 8 means marriage is something completely new and different. That’s a pretty drastic step to take!

    Paulas last blog post..Civil Rights and Marriage Laws

  2. Dawn says:

    When do I get to vote on your right to marry? Is it all of a sudden okay for those of us who are gay to be considered lower class citizens of this country. What right will you take away from us next? Why don’t you keep your church out of our marriage. All we want are the same rights as everyone else. Divorce and adultery are ruining the sanctity of marriage, not homosexuals.

  3. Flap says:

    The traditional marriage between a man and woman has been around since recorded time, right?

    Why are you imposing the homosexual agenda on me, my church and my family?

    Explain that to me.

    And, no one I know considers our gay brothers and sisters lower class citizens, by the way.

  4. Randall says:

    Yes, traditional marriage has been around forever, and even longer have homosexuals been around. Look back to mythology, back to ancient Greece and Socrates, before Christianity was a twinkle in anyones mind. The traditional idea of marriage applies to some, but not all; people who believe in different gods and no gods at all are allowed to get married UNDER god, so what are you protecting? Marriage is a right to the citizens of California, and saying that gay people are to be the only minority in the country without that privilege is MAKING them second class citizens whether you’re saying it or not. A man and a woman couple are better then any other, and so they deserve weddings, a celebration of their love, aka ‘the happiest day of my life’ as most put it–but no other couples. No ones trying to push anything on you–YOU are pushing things on others by voting on something that does not benefit you–it takes away from another minority. Regardless of whether it passes or not, your life will continue the same. Theirs will not.
    I hope it didnt sound like i was jumping down your throat or something, i dont mean to. Im just kind of typing as im thinking lol so im sorry if i come across mean, its not my intention.

  5. Marcelo says:

    In the same week that the No on 8 campaign launched an ad that labeled as “lies” claims that same-sex marriage would be taught in schools to young children, a first grade class took a school-sponsored trip to a gay wedding. Eighteen first graders traveled to San Francisco City Hall Friday for the wedding of their teacher and her lesbian partner, The San Francisco Chronicle reported. The school sponsored the trip for the students, ages 5 and 6, taking them away from their studies for the same-sex wedding. The public school field trip demonstrates that the California Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage has real consequences.

  6. Nicole says:

    That field trip in San Fran was posed to parents who all agreed, in writing, that it was alright with them for their kids to attend the wedding of their teacher. That’s part of the “lies” you’re referencing – that CA kids and schools would be forced to teach homosexuality? CA education doesn’t mandate this nor will it if Prop 8 fails – check the CA superintendent’s website.

  7. Nicole,

    Yes, we know the parents suggested the field trip, and that there were permission slips, but did you read the comments from the principal. Quoting the article from the San Francisco Chronicle, “It really is what we call a teachable moment,” Jaroflow said, noting the historic significance of same-sex marriage and related civil rights issues. “I think I’m well within the parameters.”

    So, the principal would have approved the trip even if the teacher had suggested it, and it sounds like she’s anxious to give her impressionable students more opportunities to learn why same-sex marriage is a civil right. As a California teacher, I say that’s not o.k. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Did you read about Faith Ringgold School? And how many more schools are out there that we haven’t heard about yet? We’re not being alarmists, just realists. For those of us that oppose same sex marriage due to personal beliefs, this is a major concern.

    California Crusaders last blog post..Same-Sex Marriage in California Schools

  8. Gordo says:

    Its funny since this is funded primarily by the mormon church whose basic beliefs were founded on Polygamy. Hmmmm sanctity of marriage interesting

  9. steve says:

    Mormons do not believe in plural marriage. That is the FLDS.

    You are Caucasian – a race which used to own Africans. Should you be punished for this ? Quit living in the past.

  10. John G. says:

    Nice! I sure hope prop 8 passes. I’m sick and tired of activist judges pushing the gay agenda on us and our kids.

  11. People who think the passage of Prop 8 will end gay marriage once and for all are wrong. You are only delaying the inevitable. 8 years ago the statistics on this were 60/40. Now they are nearing 50/50. All someone has to do is have another voter initiative to repeal an amendment. Not only that, but if it is a state amendment, now the federal government can be involved to rule it federally unconstitutional which would then go for ALL states.

    People want to “Protect their children”. Well, first of all there is nothing wrong with teaching kids about homosexuality. We aren’t telling them where to stick their wang when they grow up. As you can see, all gay kids come from straight families. Many parents like these yes on 8 voters think that teaching that being gay is wrong is going to stop them from being gay. All you do is prevent your kids from being honest with you. I work with many gay or bi kids that feel they can’t tell their parents for fear of being disowned, kicked out or worse. Suicide rates are high for gay kids because of this very reason. You are really hurting your kids by not letting them be honest.

  12. Darren H. says:

    If that is the case with the Feds then why haven’t they already done it with the 29 other states that have similarly passed these proposition. I get really tired of these commercials too that try to promote it as discrimination. I just don’t see it as that at all. What I would like the gay and lesbian community to realize is that the church does not “hate” people who participate in this lifestyle, it is the lifestyle itself. In Gods eyes it is a sin.

  13. Jeff B. says:

    “In Gods eyes it is a sin.” I love the fact that Christians so often demonize the sin they are least likely to commit. I am straight, not that it matters, but I honestly don’t have any desire to commit this particular sin. I am married with kids, and I protect the sanctity of my marriage by not committing adultery or forsaking my wife in any way. If homosexuality is a sin in the eyes of God, let him judge those who commit that sin. Jesus said, let he who is without sin cast the first stone. According to your own beliefs, he’s the only guy with any stones to cast.

  14. Yeson(8)alltheway!! says:

    Jeff B. You are a disgrace to socity!! You think its ok for the same sex to be married. Whats next marrage to animals it is sick to think all this is normal!!sick! sick! were does it stop!

  15. Jeff B. says:

    I imagine you would think that I am a disgrace to society also. Perhaps I would take you more seriously if you could spell the word marriage. Perhaps if you had an education, you would understand that there is a clear difference between humans and animals. Comparing homosexuals to animals is simply bigotry. I would refer you back to the bible, but I doubt you can read. I hope the person that read my first post to you is around to read this one.

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