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Kathleen Parker – John McCain Picked Sarah Palin with His DICK

Kathleen Parker, who Ann Coulter jokingly calls “THE” Kathleen Parker!, goes on the Colbert show and sucks up to the Liberal Media

Don’t blame Flap for the post headline, he stole it from ACE.

Today, Kathleen “Look at Me! Look at Me!” Parker has authored the most juvenile and catty piece of tripe I have ever seen published outside of the New York Times. Or Wonkette. It’s hard to tell the difference sometimes.

I hesitate to link it, because I don’t want to give her the traffic. But I guess I have to do so, to prove that she actually “went there.”

Where’s there? How about “John McCain picked Sarah Palin with his dick.” (Paraphrased to suit the gist of the article.)

Here is what happens when a woman of little talent (be honest, had any of you even heard of Kathleen Parker before 3 weeks ago?) realizes that not only does she not have anything particularly insightful to say, but she has a megaphone with which to prove it to all in earshot.

Seriously, Parker may be syndicated in over 300 newspapers by the Washington Post but until she started bashing Sarah Palin, Flap had not read one of her columns nor had even heard of her in conservative media circles. So, WTF?

Key graph from ACE:

And here’s what I think is your motivation: the realization that you are an aging “never was” with no chance of ever rising to the level of “could be” compels you to destroy somebody that possesses the physical and intellectual gifts that you never came close to attaining despite all the money and hours you spent perfecting your posture or debating the finer points of Plato in charm school as daddy’s little princess.

Your “writing” and “analysis” are akin to the desperate wails of an aging B-list actress who desperately claims to be ready for her close up but only if the “Cybill Shepherd blurry lens” is used.

It hurts to realize that life has passed you by, doesn’t it Miss Parker? It sucks to realize that a new generation of brighter, principled and talented people are replacing the likes of you and Miss Noonan.

There you go – The Green Monster raises its UGLY head.

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5 thoughts on “Kathleen Parker – John McCain Picked Sarah Palin with His DICK

  1. Finally, someone who doesn’t think Kathleen Parker is some kind of hero! She is nothing but an idiot with a pencil. No one would even know her name if she didn’t write such outrageous crap. Syndicated by the Washington Post??? I didn’t know that they had a comics section. She needs to put her crayons back in the box and leave the real writing to people who know that they are talking about!

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