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Dean Barnett

Dean Barnett on Right (Sox Blog, Weekly Standard) and Eric Egland -Candidate for Congress

Photo courtesy of Gateway Pundit

Flap is sad.

Dean Barnett of Hugh Hewitt’s blog, the Sox Blog, and the Weekly Standard has passed away.

Bill Kristol and the Weekly Standard has more here but the website has crashed from the traffic. Check it out later.

Flap never met Dean but enjoyed his co-hosting of the Hugh Hewitt radio show and his writings. Truly a sad day in the right blogosphere.

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2 Responses to “Dean Barnett – RIP”
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  2. Farewell, Dean Barnett…

    “As I grew sicker, I had what for me was an extremely comforting insight. I came to view serious and progressive illness as an ever constricting circle with oneself at the center. The interior of the circle represents the contents of one’s life. As …

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