Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin Preparing for 2012? You Betcha

Sarah singing along to the Gretchen Wilson song “Redneck Woman” at the 10/26/08 Asheville, NC rally

Is Sarah Palin preparing for a run for the GOP Presidential nomination in 2012?


Unless there is a skeleton in the closet that someone has not VETTED about Sarah Palin, Flap sees a clear path to the GOP Presidential nomination in 2012. (Assuming that John McCain either does not win next Tuesday or wins and decides NOT to run for re-election)

Who will be her rivals?

Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee? Both retreads from this year’s cycle?

Tim Pawlenty and Haley Barbour? Newcomers on the national Presidential scene with ONLY regional appeal?

The early GOP primaries are a fit for Sarah Palin: Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. The other candidates would divide up the votes while the Evangelicals and conservatives would all vote for Palin. Palin wins with early momentum going into Super Tuesday.

Exit Question: What does Sarah Palin need to do in the next year (should she not be elected Vice President which is increasingly unlikely) to increase her GOP bonafides?

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  • Fred Joyal

    She could read a science book or two. And move from the extreme evangelical Christian Right to something more in tune with 21st century America. Break her habit of religious nepotism. Find out what fiscally responsible actually means. Take Steven’s place in the Senate. Read the Constitution.

    Fred Joyals last blog post..How People Choose a Dentist

  • Flap

    @ Fred

    The question was her GOP bonafides.

    We already know the memes the left will have for Palin.

    But, what occurs from the left now will be a distant memory in 4 years.

    Flap suggests these:

    1. Foreign travel

    2. GOP fundraising events in early primary states

    3. Host either a TV or radio show or both.

  • mudazas huesca

    I find her to be far more genuine, sharp and courageous than either Obama or Biden. I imagine you saw Biden’s interview with the Fla. news anchor, Barbra West? Biden is a liar. Obama IS talking about socialism. Spreading the wealth is nothing less than Marxism. The US government has no business whatsoever in dictating profit in a capitalistic society. If Obama wins, we will no longer be a capitalistic society.

  • sassinfras

    palin needs a ‘extreme makeover'[starting with her extreme right views] to make her attractive nominee. she just doesn’t have it. palin has been a disaster for mccain and she’ll be a disaster for the party if nominated.
    if she hosst a t.v show it will have to be on the comedy channel. palin for president -get serious.

  • sassinfras

    #4. its all crap obama is a socialist or marxist and spreading the wealth is called progressive taxation. the government of every country has a duty to protect the population from corporate greed and corporate theft. take enron for example how it robbed the people by manipulating the supply of electricity all for a profit. essential services must have government involvement either dictating profits or complete government ownership on say the supply of clean water. america needs to make government stronger and bigger to protect the people from the greed of the corporate sector.
    america doesn’t need the hallow government of john mccain which couldn’t do a thing to protect the people in a real crisis