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Democrats Senator Ben Cardin and Congressman Chris Van Hollen of Maryland talk to CNS News about the Fairness Doctrine

Flap, frankly, is not worried if some of the left-minded Democrats in Congress, emboldened by a non-veto likely Obama Presidency attempt to restore the Fairness Doctrine that was repealed over twenty years ago during the Reagan Administration.


Tehcnology has passed broadcast AM radio by.

Today, there are many more opportunities for the RIGHT to communicate – the internet, and satellite video and audio – both of which avoid ANY federal government regulation whatsoever.

How long do you think it would take Rush Limbaugh to move over to privately owned Satellite radio should the federal government require his broadcast network to balance his programming?

Some on the looney left may make the attempt to reimpose the Fairness Doctrine but Flap agrees with Ed Morrissey. The move would only precipitate the financial collapse of broadcast AM radio with the concomitant short-term loss of jobs. The RIGHT talk radio industry would then migrate to the internet and satellite broadcast.

Sure, there would be some business dislocations with Clear Channel and Salem Communications. but, who is to say that these corporations are not already poised to make the move.

Who is manufacturing the new internet/satellite radios anyway?

Stay tuned as the Democrats decide whether to go forward with their brand of censorship called “fairness.”

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