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El Coyote Mexican Cafe Bullied Into $500 Donation to Homosexual Advocacy Group

El Coyote Restaurant Target in Anti-Prop 8 Demonstrations

Another example of the intolerant pro gay marriage crowd.

The Los Angeles restaurant that came under fire this week after a manager gave $100 to the campaign to ban same-sex marriage in California said that it had donated $500 to the advocacy group that is raising money to challenge Proposition 8.

The Thursday online donation to Equality California, an advocacy group for the gay and lesbian community, came at precisely 7:22:03 p.m., about 22 minutes into a planned demonstration outside the restaurant’s doors for the second night in a row.

What a load of BS. And, what is ironic is that most of the El Coyote restaurant employees are gay. Thus, any drop off of business will mean their fellow homosexuals will be laid off.

Remember before Proposition 8 passed, how the gay crowd whined about the Yes Committee asking for equal donations and how they called it blackmail or extortion?

Protest you say?

Nope this whole gay marriage protest rage has degenerated into bitter, meaningless and vindictive harassment.

Want to bet the Mormon owners of the El Coyote pay their tribute to the gay thugs demanding reparations and then sell the business? Then, they will donate even more to support traditional marriage.

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13 thoughts on “El Coyote Mexican Cafe Bullied Into $500 Donation to Homosexual Advocacy Group

  1. El Coyote Mexican Cafe
    Family owned & operated since 1931
    7312 Beverly Blvd., L.A., CA

    Read the wonderful comments about this restaurant! Yes on 8 and everyone who loves Mexican food please go and enjoy!! Thanks for telling us about this restaurant – can’t wait to go there!

    “The food was delicious! The server was fantastic! The atmosphere was perfect!”
    “I’ll be eating here again as it was a wonderful experience.”
    “Best of all, the food and drinks are still reasonably priced. El Coyote never disappoints!!!”

    cheese enchiladas were very nice in a rich spicy red sauce
    best cheese enchilada plate ever!!!!!

    shredded tacos which were nicely smoky
    beef tacos They are the best bar none
    …taco platter – portions were large, and the guac was especially a treat on the dinner plate
    ostrich tacos…oooo you are in for a treat

    carnitas are fantastic

    burritos are HUGE

    green corn tamales – sweet corn mash goodness, surrounding a whole green chili stuffed with cheddar cheese
    green corn tamales…yummy and sweet!

    margaritas are to die for, strong and simple, and very reasonably priced

  2. Did you know the anti-prop 8 thugs are flooding with negative comments on this restaurant?

    If I am in the city, which I may be tomorrow, I will drop by and try out their nachos and leave a large tip.

  3. The majority of Chinese San Francisco’s Chinatown voted overwelmingly against Gay Marriage. So are Gays going to stop visting Chinatown? Probably not.

    Black people voted 70 to 30 against Gay Marriage. Are prostesters targeting black churches? No.

    In the Bay Area Imams and Muslim leaders told members of their mosques to vote Yes on 8. Are the protesters going to boycott Muslim businesses? No.

    But they target some elderly woman who gave one hundred bucks because of her personal faith.

    They want to man to fired from a radio station because he gave 600 dollars. So who are the hateful bigots? The protesters who single out the elderly and weak, but dare not go after the other groups in voted in mass.

    I felt sorry for them, but now I feel nothing but contempt for these thugs and Nazis.

  4. So if start to boycott Gay businesses is that considered a hate crime? You know the blacklist goes both ways. We can see who gave money to the No on 8 campaign.

  5. @ T.M.

    No hate crime in protesting at El Coyote. It is just B.S. harassment.

    But, defacing churches and assaulting old ladies those are hate crimes.

    Got it?

  6. It is a free country ladies and gentleman! One is allowed to give ANY group as one pleases without this type of harrasment.
    This mob should had been arrested or at least dispersed for disturbing the peace at a private business facility.

  7. The $500 donation was made by employees of El Coyote, not by the owner, Marge Christofferson, who made the $100 donation to the Yes on 8 PAC (and not to her church as she claimed). What makes it egregious (and makes her gay patrons angry) is that this woman actually courted the gay community for years to get business for her restaurant which wasn’t doing so well. She used to advertise heavily in the gay press, and every Thursday was dubbed “Gay Night”, although that would apply to just about every night of the week since the place was always packed with gay customers. So her personal/religious convictions never got in the way of seeking gay business and taking gay $$$ when it was to her benefit. The two local gay newspapers in Los Angeles just turned down her ad renewals so she’s persona non grata with the gay community now. Hope there’s enough Yes on 8 supporters out there to fill her restaurant nightly for the next few decades. Since the only thing good there is the tequila, that kinda leaves her fellow Mormons out of the equation. Lots of orthodox Jews in that part of town as well, but her food ain’t nowhere near kosher.

  8. So lets see… She owns a business that employees how many gay families and has put food on their tables for how long? Colateral damage I guess?! :wacko:

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