Meg Whitman,  Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney’s Political Future is in California

Romney McCain and Whitman

Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., flanked by former Ebay CEO Meg Whitman, left, and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, makes a statement on the economy after an economic roundtable in Cleveland, Ohio, Octoober 27, 2008.

The AP and AllahPundit over at Hot Air ponder Mitt Romney’s political future and fate vis a vis the emergence of Sarah Palin.

Mitt Romney’s path to re-emerge from the political wilderness is through California and it has already started.

Remember the tag team of Meg Whitman, former President and CEO of eBay and Mitt Romney for the U.S. Senate seat of Barbara Boxer and the term limited out seat of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. It has been rumored for weeks that Romney is leaking he is interested in entering California GOP politics.

California’s economy is poor and ripe for the deliverance of new leadership away from the failed policies of the Democrat dominated Legislature and RINO Schwarzenegger. Romney or Whitman as accomplished business professionals may be what California voters desire. And, both had major presence in the successful pro-Proposition 8 campaign that restored the traditional definition of marriage.

Watch in January whether Mitt opens a federal U.S. Senate fundraising committee. If Romney doesn’t then, it will be Romney for Governor and Whitman for Senate.

Mitt Romney should he win California office will be well positioned to again seek the Presidency, Palin notwithstanding. If not, Romney will NOT be a Presidential player in 2012 or thereafter.

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