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California Proposition 8 – Protect Traditional Marriage Supporter to Press Charges After Assault

Real class from the pro gay marriage crowd in attacking a 69 year old woman with a cross.

A woman says she wants to press charges against protesters at a gay marriage rally last week in Palm Springs, California. 69-year-old Phyliss Burgess is a supporter of Proposition 8. She showed up at a same sex marriage rally, with a cross. That didn’t go over well and the scuffle happened during a live report.

“It really peeled back a very thin vainer of a crowd that was calling me a Nazi.”

Burgess remembers the names protesters called her Friday night as she marched with cross in hand in support of Proposition 8. One protester knocked the cross out of her hand. Others shouted at her while she left the scene. But, through it all, she never wanted to retaliate.

Palm Springs Police, absent at the time of the alleged attack, convinced her to press charges. She has also received several calls from residents who saw the attack and support her position.

Exit Question: Can these pro gay/homosexual marriage THUGS be charged with a “hate crime” or elder abuse?

The intolerance staggers the mind……


Here is more video:

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8 Responses to “Video: Pro Gay Marriage Protesters Assault Cross Bearing Old Lady”
  1. robbiehugh says:

    I have just seen this video and feel appalled – but not shocked- that someone as homely looking as the ‘old woman in yellow’ is abusing human trust, faith and integrity by knowingly presenting herself in a situation she was obviously going to enjoy.
    To drag her ‘cross’ with her may be fine if the ‘cross’ was only meant to be a device with which she could protect herself (if she were to experience genuine threat to her physical well-being).
    If, however, that cross was intended to represent the Cross that is properly used to represent the suffering of Christ, then this woman …. and the misguided supporters who engineered her presence at the demo, ought to apologise to all Christians who feel that America is once again enjoying the unChristianlike-Bush habit of denigrating anyone who does not conform totheir narrow and prejudiced ideals. Let’s have a hate-pogrom before we justify going to our next war.
    I am gay and prefer the independance afforded me as a single person. I also appreciate that the majority in any community are more likely to prefer a lifestyle with their ideal “life-partner.”
    Regardless of whether this ritual need is civil or religious, it ought not to be the cause of extreme jealousy, hatred and unrest.
    If “Religious” ‘Authorities’ choose to preserve their subscription-inducing industrial practice of getting rich by playing the guilt-card trip on their hapless members, then I fear for America.. and the rest of us. Let us hope your newly elected President-to-be is not charged by his people to invoke war on anyone (native or foreign) in support of the ignorance and intolerance propagated by those whose Gods exist to serve Mammon & Co.
    Shame on the Vatican and the elders of Utah who know how to expertly manipulate world money for their shallow, narrow motives.
    This World has had enough hate and ignorance exported from the Country that could be leading the world in demonstrating humanity, decency and all the other virtues you ask your immigrant newcomers to subscribe to.
    Little old ladies should be at home on the porch whittlin’ wood into crosses to support their local tourist souvenir-industry, instead of insulting the Iconic status of the Cross.
    Just remember, there would be no people at all (gays or otherwise) if it were not for the heterosexual practice of mindless fornication and procreation by those who should know better.
    Question? Do these “straight” bible-thumpers who espouse the sinfulness of homosexuality never give birth to babies who grow up to discover their nature is homosexually inclined? Would such offspring – should their nature ever be discoved by their parents- be loved or “forgiven’ or exorcised or what????
    And how many of the bible thumping fundamentalists are themselves hypocrites and are really closet gays who are merely trying to survive within a culture that is so riddled with homophobic hatred that their hyprocracy-to-survive -is almost understandable?
    I would have to be very brave indeed to be honest to my elders in such a dreadful atmosphere.
    Practitioners of so many of our fundamentalist “religions” are themselves to blame for the rapid decline and abdication of religious faith by our younger generations.
    They (our younger generation) have the wit to perceive the futility of wasted argument, knowing there are too many genuine cases of real need throughout the world urgently requiring geuine and non-obligatory assistance, just to remain alive.
    Once they have experienced the cause and effect of real life, instead of indulging the prejudices of their parents, they may come to appreciate the positive and wholesome tenets of Faith their elders unwittingly destroyed.

  2. Flap says:


    Why so intolerant of religion?

  3. robbiehugh says:


    … not so intolerant of religion as I am of it’s so-called practitioners.

  4. Flap says:


    Please explain.

  5. joe says:

    you have got to be pretty messed up in the head to watch 40 grown men push around an old lady…and then blame the lady for ‘having the nerve to show up where she wasnt wanted’. Doesnt she have the right to free speech as well?

  6. robbiehugh says:


    In most circumstances, I would agree with your premise. The difference is, this little lil ‘ol Cross-bearing Lady was not the person you refer to. This particular lady is an adept and able agent-provacateur on behalf of the “Religious-Right” , and it is the people who SHE represents who lacked the balls to face the protesters.
    As far as I could see from the clip, the protesters did not inflict any hurt on her other than what might be described as “self-inflicted injuries to her pride” simply by being where she wilfully sought this confrontation.
    Hypocracy, deceipt and cunning are not the exclusive province of the devil….

    The Campaign by extremist churches to deprive gays of their important and hard-won civil-rights, was very well organised. Possibly too well organised…
    The funding was astronomical.
    No wonder future appeals to the faithful for their pennies will land on deaf ears., simply because of the political misuse of Church assets, simply to promote its philosophy of inequality, intolerance,hatred and bigotry.

    When they’ve finished with Bush, maybe they’ll start looking at the ledgers of those ‘religious organisations’ who are using (misusing)? charitable funds to promote hatred and division among “equal American Citizens.”.

    Fundamentalists of the extreme variety should first find their own integrity before using disengenious argument to justify their own practice of ignorance and hatred to anyone who does not conform to their own dubious example.

  7. Average Joe 2 says:

    Robbie… Good God

    The Church is not trying to kill you or imprison you because of what you believe. It just wants its values to be protected. The reason why this “Lil’ Ole Wood Whittlin” Lady is protesting is because she has strong enough beliefs to protest a protest. Last time that I checked the Homosexuals protest at Church functions (even as much as entering churches unwelcome and uninvited) when they are not “wanted”. As for the “extremest right” that appears to be degrading the nation, I believe the vote passed to ban gay marriage…which would be a majority. So while you sit on the minority…Spitting our your views in protest of the church (Which you can most definitely do!..and I support the right for you do this of course) but in the same moment…Not giving the people who don’t see it “your” way the right to do the same as you do. This lady is just like anyone of the gay protesters trying to protect their right at a church function. I say that the viewpoint that you have is intolerance. A viewpoint that you preach against. You cannot have the Church (in the MAJORITY) in the world with you…Spewing out their “lies” and “deceits”. So you choose to try and destroy it…anyway you can. I am sorry. Christians make over 80% of Americans, so please do not label us Extremists…as we are the majority. It is awesome American stands up and declares itself traditional…Because when these values fall…American can and will fall apart and be tore down by civil rights groups and examples like this happen every day to show us what can happen.

    And here is what it comes down to Robbie…. (and to all the protesters here…)

    You want people to be tolerant of your beliefs and rights (namely people who don’t feel the way you do)…But you cannot be tolerant of their beliefs. Therefore you do not follow what you preach…and are hypocrites…Just as you label the Church.

    I know this is late…But your misguided approach to this video is very sad…and I needed to say something

    You lose…Good day sir

  8. Average Joe 2 says:

    The falling apart of our society also lies with the way religion has been taken out of everything. Not because we have too much of it. Ever since it has dwindled because the lies of the non-traditionalists, it continues to degrade America to disgraceful levels.

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