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Video: Sarah Palin and Thanksgiving Turkeygate

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin pardons a turkey and more…..

Sarah Palin has a cute time pardoning a tom turkey for Thanksgiving but later is interviewed while Turkeys are slaughtered in the background. Of course, MSNBC makes the snide comments.


NBC News could have had a laugh with this but have turned it into something gross because they love the ‘cuda sooo much. Catch Shuster’s condescending tone/remarks around 6:15.

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One thought on “Video: Sarah Palin and Thanksgiving Turkeygate

  1. After seeing the interview and then the snippet with her in the foreground and the slaughter in the background, dang it’s going to affect my enjoyment of my family turkey dinner on Thanksgiving. I suspect she was set up. Anybody agree with me?

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