Hannah-Beth Jackson,  Tony Strickland

Tony Strickland Lead Holding UP in California State Senate Race


Former California Assembly Members Tony Strickland and Hannah-Beth Jackson candidates for California State Senate District 19

Santa Barbara County,Los Angeles County and Ventura County Elections updated their vote totals today.

According to Flap’s math Republican Tony Strickland continues to lead by 1,390 votes versus 1,328 votes on Friday.

The raw figures:

Santa Barbara County:

  • Hannah-Beth Jackson: 73,351 (72,693) (#’s from last Friday) + 658
  • Tony Strickland: 58,497 (58,166) + 331

Los Angeles County:

  • Hannah-Beth Jackson: 12,193 (12,083) + 110
  • Tony Strickland: 16,660 (16,493) + 167

Ventura County:

  • Hannah-Beth Jackson: 116,730 (115,477) + 1,253
  • Tony Strickland: 128,507 (126,922) + 1,585

Tony Strickland today increased his lead in Ventura County by winning 55% of the new votes counted and over 60% in Los Angeles County albiet losing in Santa Barbara County by an almost two to 1 margin.

Since Santa Barbara County elections is close or has completed counting, Flap estimates the election hangs in the balance due to approximately 11,000 uncounted provisional ballots in Ventura County.

It is possible, but unlikely, that Hannah-Beth Jackson can make up the 1,390 votes pluarlity Tony Strickland enjoys.

What does the likely Tony Strickland win mean for the California State Senate?

The Democrats for the first few months of the new session of the California Legislature which begins in December will be at least three short of a 2/3 rds majority to pass a state budget.

Stay tuned…..

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