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California Proposition 8 Aftermath: Day Without A Gay


Don’t think this protest over the passage last month of California’s Proposition 8 which restored the traditional definition of marriage (one man and one woman) will have any legs or many protesters.

More symbolism over substance because even some homosexuals do NOT agree with the idea that  homosexual rights necessarily spills over to gay marriage.

The homosexual community is already backing away from the protest before it even starts.

As for the broader call of boycotts, Prop. 8 opponents say success or failure can’t be measured by numbers.

“It’s organic, it’s visceral, it’s grass roots and net roots,” said State Sen. Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, who spoke at the November rally at City Hall. “People are reacting in a very natural way to having their rights taken away by an unconstitutional proposition.”

Leno’s schedule Wednesday starts with a budget subcommittee on health and human service issues. “Though I’m respectful of the day,” Leno said, legislative work comes first.

A FLOP waiting to happen because there is NO support.

Move along……

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6 thoughts on “California Proposition 8 Aftermath: Day Without A Gay

  1. I find it interesting that much of the protesting has died down recently. Maybe the Prop H8rs are finally getting tired? Or are they just taking a break before the big Supreme Court decision next year? Although this “Day without a Gay” may flop in California, I read that at least in Philadelphia, its attracting the attention of some Elementary School teachers. I read in the Boston Herald that teachers at Independence Charter School are taking the day off to study how to introduce gay issues into the classroom. And I already know how they’re going to justify it – they’ll just disguise it as Tolerance Education. Kindergarteners and gay marriage – here we go again!

  2. By definition a constitutional amendment is, in fact, constitutional.
    The California constitution has been changed by the will of the people.
    The right of man and woman to marry has been upheld and reinforced.
    The right of everyone to have an unnatural partnership has been upheld and reinforced.
    Marriage is a sacrament in which a man and a woman marry and this sacrament has been upheld for generations, centuries, even to the beginning of civilized history.
    The harder the majority is pushed to do something unnatural, the more strongly it will react against those pushing.
    In order to preserve what rights the gay community may still have, it might be wise to accept the voters’ decision and be thankful for the blessings and rights remaining.


  4. The utter lack of empathy that I consistently find at websites like these is startling and tragic. The issue feels completely different when you have gay friends and community members that you know and love deeply, who mostly just want people to treat them like human beings. And yes, I find that often the comments on these sites overlook the fact that gays are fellow people who want the same things in life that the rest of us do.

    As for teaching tolerance in school, the Philadelphia School District has a very straightforward approach to issues of homosexuality. From their handbook:

    “The policy of the School District is to foster knowledge about and respect for those of all races, ethnic groups, social classes, genders, religions, disabilities, sexual orientations (perceived or known) and gender identities (perceived or known).”


    “Academic excellence and equity represent, in part, an institutional commitment to enable the school community, including faculty, staff, and students, to reach its fullest human and intellectual potential and the achievement of these goals and objectives requires the School District to:
    Make an institutional commitment to teach to all children in every school, a curriculum informed by the principles of gender-equity, multiracial and multicultural knowledge and perspectives, including but not limited to the history and experiences of women, racial and ethnic minorities, and various religious denominations as well as individuals who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender and disabled people.”

    So the teachers at this school are not on some rogue mission–they are simply discussing ways to better meet the policies of their own district.

    I would add, as a former teacher myself, that some of those Kindergarteners of which you speak HAVE SAME SEX PARENTS who love them and care for them and provide for them just like the parents of their peers. In what universe should I, as their teacher, NOT be nurturing/affirming those children’s sense of selves and place in this world?–and not be striving to teach their peers to have the empathy that many of their parents sorely lack?

  5. In California during the Proposition 8 campaign the homosexual lobby said that gay marriage was not about children and the schools at all.

    Of course, the voters saw through the lies and realized the consequences of gay marriage go far beyond what the proponents say in their campaign rhetoric.

    Thank you Louise for making the point again.

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