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Rush Limbaugh Responds to RINO Colin Powell By Calling Him a Washingtonian

Fareed Zakaria asks Colin Powell about the future of the GOP and Sarah Palin

Well, you knew that Rush Limbaugh would respond to the attacks former Secretary of State Colin Powell smacked on the GOP this past weekend.

What’s going on here with this Colin Powell thing is that the Washington establishment — Powell’s not a Republican.  McCain’s not a Republican.  These guys are not even mavericks.  They are Washingtonians.  Washingtonians have their own culture and their own desires, and it is to matter.  They don’t care who’s in power, they just want to be closely associated with whoever is.  That’s the name of the game and they want press adulation.  They want to be loved and adored by the media, they want fawning treatment, they want to be thought of as something special, unique, dignified and so forth, and that’s the Washington establishment.  These guys are Washingtonians.  And what is a Washingtonian?  Who are these people?  Ladies and gentlemen, they have driven this economy into the toilet.  Washingtonians are tone deaf in terms of how you and I actually live and the things that matter and are important to us.  Washingtonians are grabbing as much power for themselves right now as possible.  Washington does not live in the rest of the country, does not live in the same world we do.  What they’re doing now is looking for ways to silence opposition.  They don’t care about the timid ineffective opposition.  They like Republicans and conservatives who are ashamed of their views and their fellow citizens.  What they want to do is silence people like me because they can’t abide debate or opposition or challenges to their status and their authority. 

So General Powell, let me explain something.  The fact is Republicans did not listen to me.  They listened to you.  They have not been listening to me for years.  The Republican Party nominated your ideal candidate.  They nominated your guy, a moderate, who’s willing to buy into an endless array of liberal causes…

Enough said.

As Flap said before there is some truth about what Secretary Powell says about racial demographics and the GOP needs to be more than an old white man’s party. But, this does not include surrendering the party’s core values and ideals. It is outreach and Colin Powell has been AWOL.


Colin Powell on the GOP, Polarization and Sarah Palin – Plus Rush Limbaugh

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