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Video: Sarah Palin Delivers Alaska State of the State Address – Institutes Hiring Freeze

Sarah Palin delivers State of the State

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin gives the state of the state address to a joint session of the Senate and House in the Capitol in Juneau, Alaska on Thursday Jan. 22, 2009 as Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell, back, listen

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is back to governing and delivered her “state of the state” address yesterday.

Gov. Sarah Palin has instituted a hiring freeze and pledged to work with state lawmakers to rein in spending as Alaska faces the possibility of a more than billion dollar deficit this year.

She told lawmakers Thursday night in her annual State of the State address that she also has restricted nonessential spending as oil prices remain low.

“At a time when other state legislatures are staring at multibillion dollar deficits, and when our federal government proposes a deficit in excess of a trillion dollars this year alone, we have all the cautionary examples we need in the virtues of living within our means. With less revenue, we have an obligation to spend less money,” Palin said.

The hiring freeze will not cover public safety positions, she said. Palin also is proposing an overall 7 percent reduction in spending from last year, first announced in December.

Palin told a joint session of the Alaska Legislature that while Alaska is well positioned because of savings from high oil prices, the state has a duty to spend less money.

The ‘CUDA is back in the saddle.

Here is Part 1 of 4 parts of the video of her speech:

Parts 2 – 4:


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  • Kristen Hendershot

    This is why the liberal world bashes her wherever possible. They fear this clear, concise, open, honest, intelligent leader. They know they can’t compete with her, so they try to convince the world that she is incompetent. The truth always comes out eventually and the liberals and their adoring media are going to have to contend with the inevitable truth of this amazing woman in the coming years!

  • deb

    Sarah Palin… govenor, actress, and soon to be author blatantly seeks fame and fortune to help hasten her departure from the frozen tundra to bask in the media’s warm glow amid cheers from her fawning followers. What a rude awakening awaits this delusional diva.